Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I feel some of the wind going out of WIA. Perhaps I'm wrong. We're nearing 1000 posts.

Yesterday I began the day with Tillamook extra sharp cheddar on Wheat Thins. I'm doing a no-coffee week so I washed it down with OJ and water. I had a clementine. For lunch, I had a bite of tomato and shrimp soup, and fried chicken and mashed potatoes from Cynthia's. Cynthia's is controversial at work; it's delicious, but one of my co-workers wanted us to boycott because Cynthia once called a friend of his a "cunt" during a mixed-up birthday party. After lunch I had a Mug root beer and a "Cool Dog" (a hot dog made out of ice cream, with a Twinkie-substance "bun") and 1/2 of a Hundred Grand (a Fifty K). After work, beef flavor trash noodles, more cheddar on Wheat Thins, and a Sapporo. Later, a glass of red wine, some Glenfiddich 30 Year - you read that right; thanks V. Danger! - and a sloppy joe at Doughboy's (don't get this, not worth the mess).


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