Friday, August 11, 2006

ZK, on Food, Travel, and Romance


What did I have for lunch on Saturday? That is one lost to the whirlwind.

Dinner was at Orologio, w/ John and Mattpod, and I had pasta with chicken, and a Perroni. Ice creamed dessert.

Lunch at Cafécito w/ John, Mattpod, and Walt. I had a pressed cuban chicken sandwich. I wish I had known about this place sooner and then you all surely would have seen it in my reports often! I said that the waitress was pretty many times and she heard me and was upset. She didn't give us food for an hour.

Dinner at Luzzo's w/ John, Mattpod, and Walt. I had chicken parmigiana and some penne pasta. There was wine involved to be sure.

7/31 Move Out Day.
A toasted bagel w/ butter that Walt picked up for me because I had to wait for my mover's to arrive. Surprise! They didn't arrive for 3 more hours.

Some chicken and rolls and orange juice at Mattpod's grandma's house. Some orange flavored chocolates for dessert. Did I sleep on a single bed that was for some reason attached to Mattpod's bed that was 3 inches away, at Mattpod's grandma's house? Experts will agree that I did.

8/1 Tuesday is Travel Day
A plain toasted bagel from Zabar's via Mattpod's grandma. Some OJ. Chocolate frozen yogurt at JFK. Why at airports do people feel like they should eat dinner food at 9 in the morning?

Some life-savers on the plane.

Some cheddar goldfish in the car from the airport. Hello L.A.!

A chicken sandwich w/ fries at one of the million Perry's Cafés along the Pacific Coast H'way.

@ Phil Angelides' campaign event, w/ special guests Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, Kathy Griffin, and the princess from Spaceballs who wasn't a special guest, but who was there and who I later checked out on imdb.
1 glass of white wine. 1 Heineken.
Some roast turkey and a croissant.
2/3 of a Bass, and some bits of toast from some stranger's sandwich.

8/2 Vacation Finally Begins
Xtina and I made pancakes in the morning, but in translating the recipé into a half-batch, we mixed up the proportions of the ingredients, and the pancakes ended up being horrible. This was compounded by the fact that the syrup was spoiled so we had to throw it away.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries and OJ for lunch.

Dinner was from Bristol Farms supermarket:
Goldfish and 1 bass ale at sunset. This was very romantic and I talked a lot about God and Space.
2 lamb chops. Green beans. Buttered bread. 1/2 bottle of wine. 1/2 chocolate chip cookie. The wine glasses at Xtina's apartment hold about 1/2 a bottle of wine, which is great when you want to get drunk. Which you do.

Smoked turkey on baguette. Cheddar goldfish. Part 2 of chocolate chip cookie.

1/2 vanilla chocolate swirl frozen yogurt at the Santa Monica Pier. 1 quarter's worth of M&M's.

Dinner w/ Danger and Strach.
Stacy's pita chips and tomato and pesto hummus. 1 beer, I forget which kind. Presidio?
White rice, teriyaki salmon, broccoli, and asparagus. 3 bottles of wine split 4 ways. 2 Heinekens. 1/2 chocolate chip, 1/2 chocolate chocolate chip cookie w/ vanilla double churned ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Smoked turkey on Baguette. Pita chips.

Gala apple after some strenuous boogie boarding.

2/3 vanilla chocolate swirl frozen yogurt at Venice Beach. When we first looked for this we went to Cold Stone Creamery even though I knew they don't have soft serve and when we asked where we could find it, the girl suggested the liquor store. That was her first suggestion. "Maybe the liquor store?" She was wrong. Not as wrong as I would have thought though.

More pita chips. Some Hershey's Hugs at Talladega Nights.
We tried to go to Cha Cha Chicken, but it closed 1 minute before we got there, so we got pizza from some place where the word Dough was maybe in the name? It was on Main Street in Santa Monica. I had 1/2 slice cheese and 1 slice chicken and basil.

14 kinds of shitty beer at Yank's beer tasting at Dougan, Cort, Liz and Jeff's apartment. Some oyster crackers. A little bit of bread. A red stripe.

We had a traumatic experience when we arrived home, which was that a dude was passed out drunk on the ground next to his car in the garage of Xtina's apartment building and he wouldn't wake up, so we called the paramedics and they took care of it. On the ground it looked like he had a mustache, but when he got up he looked like that crooked cop/amway salesman from the movie "Go" and he had a lot of drool. Anyway, Xtina was pretty shaken and so we had some vanilla ice-cream w/ chocolate syrup and watched a bunch of the movie "Second Hand Lions." Haley Joel Osmont is the worst and he has a huge butt and he ruined an already terrible movie.

8/5 Last Day of Vacation
Some non-yeast sourdough bread w/arugula and smoked turkey. Goldfish. OJ.

BBQ at Chun's.
Grilled chicken, buns, chips, some Asahi, Alaskan something, some other stuff. Some shots. Celebrity.

8/6 Travel Day
We wanted breakfast, and we heard Ivy On the Shore was good.
OJ was 8 dollars, pancakes were 22 dollars. But everything was very good. There are free scones, which I don't like.

On the plane: Goldfish. Turkey sandwich. Hugs. OJ. Life Savers.

I'll catch up with this week during next week. Now that I wrote all about my vacation I'm sad.

ZK's Tips for Travel:
1. Pack Lightly
2. Drink Lots of Water
3. Have a Means of Transportation


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