Friday, November 24, 2006

A Day in Old Manhattan

Recently I had occasion to visit Manhattantown, and I tried to eat as well as possible. I recommend all these places to New York-goers.

First lunch, Pizza Gruppo
1 slice of pepperoni pizza

Coffee break, 9th Street Espresso:

Second lunch, Nicky's Vietnamese:
Chicken sandwich
Orange soda
Good, not great. Next time I'll get the pork.

Ice Cream, Australian Farm Cream:
1 scoop, mocha

The Half-King:
1 hot apple cider
1 Bass Ale

3 glasses white wine
1 white wine spritzer

Grand Szechuan:

2 crab and pork soup dumplings
Fresh Kung Bao chicken
Soap Opera fried chicken (?)

Pizza Bar:
32 oz. Blue Moon

Blue and Gold:


Blogger Jack said...

Old Knickerbocker that I am, I may be able contribute a few details to your records. The third dish at Grand Sichuan was the "We Would Be Two Lovebirds Flying Wing-to-Wing on High." (Very tasty, highly recommended.) At Pizza Bar (in fact, Pronto Pizza and not the entirely inferior MPD Pizza Bar), you in fact consumed many times more than 32oz of beer, and the mystery entrée consumed at Blue & Gold was, in fact, beer.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Murbles said...

One thing that has been missing from this forum for far too long is this:

Blue and Gold

11:19 AM  
Blogger SC said...

The theme of this trip was Old Traditions and New

10:02 AM  

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