Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2006-12-24 (Christmas Eve)

Weylu's is back in business under new management, and seems to be back to pretty much business as usual. This is a lovely warm feeling for my Greater Boston ass, and maybe for yours, as well.

It's now operating under the name Jin, which is fine, although I choose to call it Weylu's since that's its name. The owners wisely decided not to redo the exterior, or the interior, so breathe easy, friends. We ate from the buffet. I could mention only those dishes of particular note, or I could mechanically enumerate them all and later talk about it a bit. Have you already correctly guessed what I'm going to do?

Some tea

Plate one
Jasmine rice
Sauteed frog legs
Peking duck with hoisin sauce
Roast pork
Peking pork chop
Crab rangoon

Plate two
Salt-baked silver fish
Scallion pancake
Sesame balls
Almond ball
Sauteed string beans
Fruit very much like lychee, but a hair larger, and yellow like a peach
"Sweet glass jelly" - They mean "grass jelly"
Stuff crispy pear

Plate three
Sesame ball
"Jell-O" - this was a ~cube, opaque white, in the Jell-O section. It turned out to be coconut flavored.
Durian ball
Golden pancake

I have never had frogs' legs before. They were fine.

I think that silverfish are the most disgusting creatures in the entire planet. The salt-baked silver fish appeared to be anchovies or something, tempura fried or something. I can't see how they could possibly have been actual silverfish, but if I find out they were, I'll kill myself.

The first item identified as sesame balls were small, hard pastries with sesame. I assumed that the almond ball would have red bean paste inside, but was wrong, it actually had some sort of savory-rather-than-sweet filling. "Stuff crispy pear" was a small flaky pear-shaped item - I was thinking some sort of baked pear quickly fried in a sweet dough, which sounded incredibly delicious to me. It was, in fact, a pear-shaped piece of dough stuffed with meats and vegetables. It tasted fine except for an overwhelming tang of bitter disappointment and a strong aftertaste of dreams that might have been.

The second sesame ball was a larger dessert item which I was basically sure would have red bean paste. It was actually sweet, but had some non-red-bean filling. I was starting to get sad. The coconut Jell-O was fine. The durian ball was pretty tasty - the starchy coating was a disconcerting artificial green color, but the filling was actually pretty good. I'd be willing to try straight up durian based on it. The golden pancake, the last item I ate, turned out, finally, to have some red bean paste inside, thereby saving Christmas.

Jin will be hosting a New Year's Eve party. Music will be provided by Bombay Jim and the Swinging Sapphires, a group of older Caucasian gentlemen in hats. DJ Nicky T will also be appearing.


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