Thursday, March 30, 2006

A brief manifesto, plus SC's Weds.

FoodFriends, we do great on the what and the how of our eating. But I, for one, would like to see some more "why?" Why did you make a particular food decision? Convenience? Memory? Confusion? Momentary panic? Opportunity? Romance? An attempt at crafting a particular self-image, or an effort to impress an associate? Curiosity? Health? An experiment in a fusion of tastes?

Something to consider.

Turkey, bacon, and cheddar melt sandwich, with a dollop of Boar's Head deli mustard, made in my Foreman.
This was a staple of my diet in NYC. I made it then and make it now in a futile effort to replicate a sandwich I often ordered from the Dunster House Grill. Something's missing, but I don't know what. The general greasiness that permeated everything in the DHG?
2 cups Capresso cappuccino

Beef chili from Doughboy's. I'd been wondering what lunch place we sometimes order from that I hate the chili at, and today I was reminded - it's the nasty, thick, sickly/tainted beef chili at Doughboy's.
Baby greens salad from Doughboy's.
Hot dog from the hot dog cart lady on Wilshire and Masselin. Her excessive kindness and professionalism makes me feel I ought to visit her from time to time.

1 can, Barq's root beer.
1 chocolate chip and nut cookie from Doughboy's.

Small sip of Calvados
3 tumblers Jameson Irish whiskey over ice.

#6 Combo (popcorn chicken, potato wedges, Pepsi) from KFC.
I haven't been to Popeye's in probably 4 years, and in that time KFC has changed a lot. Popeye's is on the way to Lost Club, so I got to thinking. How had Popeye's responded to the Twister and popcorn chicken revolutions? However I soon found myself in poor driving condition, but with fried chicken on the mind, so I walked to KFC.

1 Smirnoff vodka and lemon-lime Gatorade
1 Bud Light


Blogger Jack said...

Stephen, you raised several interesting points, and I will respond to three:

1) I post largely for the sake of diarism (at which complete and exacting records of diet are an effective solution) and community.

2) I can't reproduce the sandwich you want, but a light brushing of your sandwich bread with olive oil or butter and optional toasting of the bread before any other prep or grilling will improve nearly any sandwich.

3) Popeye's, I believe, still has the incrementally better chicken. On a related note, it sometimes amazes me how much the size of chicken parts, particularly those served at Kentucky Fried Chicken has increased since my childhood. Popeye's I believe still delivers the better flavor on classic fried chicken parts, and also has less severe post-eating body trauma.

1:15 AM  
Blogger zachkay said...

Popeye's biscuits are the worst thing in the world you can eat, but also the best thing.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Junior said...

What about the Snacker??? I believe they now offer a Buffalo Snacker and a Fish Snacker (???)

Jack, remember your awful Snacker on 14th Street?

12:15 PM  

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