Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Zach Does the Weekend 3/24-3/28

Friday Dinner 3/24
3 Bass Ales at Pianos
1 slice of terrible cheese pizza at Rosario's Pizza.
Some kind of German beer at Radio Perfecto.
A bunch of Pabst, Stella, and Blue & Gold Lager at Blue and Gold. Possibly some shots.
1 slice of cheese pizza at Stromboli Pizza.
(In my dream I ordered another Jager shot and it was a full glass of Jagermeister and I was scared but I drank it.)

Saturday 3/25
Some crumbs from some chips from Whole Foods.
Turkey and toast sandwich from the bodega next to our apartment.
Orange juice.

Fake Orchid
1 chicken satay.
Beef and sticky rice plate w/ Mae Ploy sauce. (A couple summers ago, a friend of my mom's told us she invented this great sauce and gave us an unmarked bottle of it and it tasted great so we asked her to send us more. Then we found out it was just Mae Ploy sauce poured into an unmarked bottle.)
1 Stella Artois

2 Negra Modelos
1 Bass Ale
1 3/4 slices of Sicilian cheese pizza a la Vinny Vincenz
Some pastel colored Non-Pareils in a martini glass.

Blue and Gold
1 Pabst.
1 Pabst won in pool.

Sunday 3/26
Café Pick Me Up
Toasted bagel w/ butter.
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Orange Juice (at home).

Some of Mattpod's orange Gatorade.

Dinner, prepared by Mattpod.
Tostitos crispy rounds and medium salsa.
2 Chicken cutlets with corn flake breading.
Green beans w/ sesame seeds.
Chocolate "Skim Plus" milk.
Orange juice.

Monday 3/27
BBQ chicken breast.
Orange juice.
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Chocolate Milk.
Hot Chocolate.
Oyster Crackers.
Some Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs.

Tostitos Crispy Rounds and Salsa.
Chicken Kabob Sandwich.
Chocolate Milk.
Orange Juice.

Tuesday 3/28
Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs.
Turkey, Ciabatta Bread, Lettuce, Pesto, and Ketchup sandwich. (It was far too big and I feel like throwing up. It was really a huge mistake that I realized I was making half-way through, but I kept on forcing food down my throat.)
Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Orange Juice.
Chocolate Milk.
Hot Chocolate.
Oyster Crackers.


Blogger Jack said...

MMW - somewhere, that dastard Van Dark is floating a hot-air balloon full of cherries back to his lair just so he can ruin them! Also, I don't know if this was related or not, but the radishes at the grocery store were looking a little battered. How limp and sad can you let a radish leaf get before you shouldn't buy it?

1:51 PM  

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