Thursday, May 25, 2006


1 glass grapefruit juice*
Hummus and French bread

1 Strachiccino (This is the adorable name I have given the homemade Frappuccino I made on this day.)

Diet Dr. Pepper

1 bowl oatmeal with cinnamon

Farmers' Market:
French bread from Bread Basket (Not as good as Monsieur Marcel)
2 glasses pinot grigio

French bread and pita with hummus
3 glasses white wine

*This was the titty-tini grapefruit juice SC left over at our place. The brand is Evolution Organic and it is the best grapefruit juice I have ever had. It tastes exactly like a grapefruit. Where did you get it SC? Whole Foods? TJ's?


Blogger SC said...

Laura got it, I think at Whole Foods? She likes nice juice.

7:31 PM  

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