Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am Learning New Languages

Hungarian, spelled phonetically, by me, Mattpod:

"kirsanum" = thank you
"egon" = yes


"kebap" = kebab

I think most people would probably tell you that "egon" is actually "egan," but I prefer to think of a language where you have to say "egon" constantly throughout the day. This is what you talk about when you don't know Hungarian and she barely knows English:

Girl: So, when do you have exams?
Me: I am not in school right now, so I don't have exams.
Girl: Yes, but when do you have exams?
Me: Well, I am going back to school next year, so next year.
Girl: Yes, but when do you have exams?
Me: Are you asking when Americans take tests?
Girl: Yes.
Me: Most Americans take their tests in December and May.

Finally, instead of a thousand more croissants and pieces of bacon, I just ate a bowl of Chocos for breakast. According to the box, the main ingredient of Chocos is "crunchy chocolate flavoured wheat cereal."


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What's the deal with this girl? Is she something special?

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