Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I wasn't going to do this, but the guilt was overwhelming. 5/19-5/26 ZK

This will sort of be an interesting review of Mattpod's week last week also.

FRIDAY, one and one half weeks ago.

Internless Lunch w/Mattpod
One bbq chicken drumstick, two pieces of beef, white roll w/olive oil, lettuce, broccoli, chocolate chip cookie, OJ, chocolate milk, and oyster crackers.

I believe I forgot my apple at work. I did this a bunch of days in a row.

Chicken kabob sandwich @ Oasis Falafel.

2 Heinekens and 1 Brooklyn Lager @ The Lucky Cat.

Party @ Sty-town.
Mattpod and I brought over a sweet assortment of different sized beers. I think I had 1 very tall Sapporo followed by a less tall crazy beer? Unclear.

1 bass @ Bua

Some Stellas, maybe a shot, maybe some Pabsts, some of a pitcher @ Blue and Gold

SATURDAY, one week and a half ago.

A few saltines.

Gatorade orange and some of Mattpod's Gatorade Rain.

Chardonnay, Chicken Parmesan, Asparagus, Penne by Mattpod. Some baguette, OJ, and chocolate milk.

3 Miller High Lifes, 2 Brooklyn Lagers, 1 Budweiser @ 30 Rockefeller Center
1 Bass @ The Cutting Room

SUNDAY, a week and a half ago.

Some saltines.

Toasted plain bagel w/ butter from David's Bagels. Bite-size milky way, really gross, from same.

Chocolate chip cookie from green bakery on 1st Ave.

Gatorade orange.

Two smoked turkey on white bread sandwiches from the bodega downstairs. Some Olberto's BBQ beef jerky, some saltines, some haagen dazs cookies 'n cream and cookie dough ice cream. For some reason I became very nervous I would get hungry later so I got two sandwiches.

MONDAY, one week and two days ago.

Smoked turkey, lettuce, pesto, and ketchup on toasted ciabatta bread. Maybe. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ. There were no oyster crackers this week.

I forgot my apple again.

Two slices of Gruppo cheese pizza. I can usually only eat one slice of pizza, but I ordered two because I was afraid of getting hungry again.

TUESDAY, one week and one day ago.

Grilled chicken sandwich, w/ bacon and lettuce. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ.

1 red delicious apple on the way home from work.

Chicken kabob sandwich.
Ice cream.

WEDNESDAY, one week ago today.

Grilled chicken, lettuce, broccoli, OJ, cookie, some candy.

On LIRR on way to Shea Stadium Mets vs. Phillies
1 16 oz bud light.
1/2 turkey and bacon sandwich from Alpine Gourmet Deli.

@ Shea Stadium Tailgate (Conrad, Josty-pie, and Me)
1 16 oz bud light.

@ Shea Stadium
2 bud lights
1 red hook


Smoked turkey, pesto, ketchup, lettuce on toasted ciabatta bread. OJ, chocolate chip cookie.

Gatorade orange.

3 slices of Luzzo's margherite pizza. This was great!

FRIDAY, 5/26

Cafeteria was closed.

I went to an allergist (who happened to have a huge rash all over his head) and I got tested for food allergies. I thought this was important for everyone to know: I don't have any food allergies. Also the allergist went to high school with Woody Allen, but he (the allergist) doesn't get paid for being so funny. He told me this twice.

Gourmet Food provider on 41st between 5th and 6th:
Smoked turkey on Portueguese roll. Very big chocolate chip cookie. Gala apple. OJ.

1 thin mint.

@ the Lampoon
Senior Dinner was corporate sponsored or something by Magic Hat maybe? Anyway, the only beers were Magic Hat beers and were served in the bizzy by different bartenders than the liquor bartenders. So...
10 Hocus Pocus beers. I felt like a moron every time I asked for a "Hocus Pocus."
Some shots of SoCo, etc.


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