Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthursday, 6/29 (guest)

Birthday wishes to my mom, who disapproves of blogs.


bowl of Trader Joe's Maple Pecan Clusters with 1% milk

Trader Joe's Thai Green Curry Chicken
Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream

bottle of Fiji water

bottle of Vitamin Water: Perform (lemon-lime)

Red Lion Tavern, a.k.a. The German Beer Garden, 7:30pm
bread with butter
fried cod with tartar sauce
mashed potatoes
some peas
a bite of pickle
Seeking to impress our waitress, whose thick accent betrayed all kinds of German-ness, I casually ordered the beer on the menu whose name seemed to most delicately balance authenticity and pronounceability. The result? Former FoodBoss Lieb enjoyed a laugh at my expense, while I drank a
bottle of Lowenbrau

M.Lo's birthday party, 10:00pm
Sierra Nevada
two cups of Honey Moon Viognier
two cups of cranberry juice
four tempura sushi rolls with soy sauce
one piece of ice cream cake


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