Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Monday. ZK.


I bought three apples on Monday, 2 red delicious and 1 gala. The first red delicious was too mushy so I threw it out after 2 bites. The second red delicious seemed alright but I was suspicious and I later saw a gala apple that looked really good. So, I ate the gala apple and saved the second red delicious for today, but I don't know if I'll eat it because I'm nervous it will be gross.

Smoked turkey, lettuce, pesto, and ketchup on toasted ciabatta bread. OJ. Oyster crackers. Chocolate milk. Cookie.

2 hershey's kisses, 1 mini crunch bar, 1 hersheys milk chocolate nugget and 2 dove dark chocolate promises. My promise messages were:

"Go against the grain."
"Don't think about it so much."

1 nexium (new acid reflux pill, we'll see how it goes!)

2 slices of cheese pizza from Gruppo. Since making my declaration about only being able to eat one slice of pizza I have started always eating two slices of pizza.


White Chocolate Twix bar, special edition. I really didn't want this because I had so much sugar yesterday, but it was late and I was feeling some self-loathing.


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