Monday, June 12, 2006

On My Mind

FoodFriends, just returned from Georgia, where the eating is grand. A full accounting everything, including the boxed wine and blended concoctions produced in fits of drunken glory by ACJ is stupefying to even contemplate. But a few highlights: I ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Oinkers, where I had four ribs, Brunswick stew, Texas toast, baked beans, and sweet tea. We then took home a pound of pulled pork, which cost about a dollar. It was used in many bbq quesadillas (pulled pork, sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, Country Crock to grease the pan).

Mrs. ACJ also made us low country boil (shrimp, corn on the cob, and sausage all mixed up together) along with biscuits, peach cobbler, black-eyed peas, and squash. All of this was marvelous and goes a long way towards explaining the ruddy, healthy constitution of ACJ who was raised on such hearty fare.

But what was most revived by my trip is a love of pecan pie which it turns out is almost always aided by adding a dash of bourbon to the top.


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