Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cijl: Wednesday


A handful of honey dijon Kettle chips
A bowl of Limited Edition Life cereal with Superman shields (One disappointing thing about this cereal is that on the box there are many photos of Superman, and many photos of the Quaker oats man, but at no point are they interacting with their arms around each other, suggesting to the consumer that together they form the ultimate team.)

Pan con lechon sandwich (This is a sandwich made a flimsy roll crammed with roasted pork and two slices of tomato.)
Moro (A kind of rice and beans where the rice and beans are cooked together.)
Garlic sauce (You can always tell it's a Versailles day because at about 1 the whole bungalow smells like garlic, then at about 2 all the people smell like garlic, then at about 3 everyone looks really tired.)

1/6 of a Skor candy bar
Carrot juice
A few pieces of dried mango


2 pieces of Damiano's pepperoni and sausage pizza with sambal on them (Damiano's pizza is pretty good but it's really expensive and the people on the phone often try to talk you out of ordering by saying things like, "I don't know man, it's gonna take a reeeaally long time." And then it doesn't take that long.)
1 bowl of Yookhejang (A spicy broth with shredded pieces of beef and green onion.)
3 Korean buckwheat pancakes with soy sauce

about 2.5 L of water


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