Thursday, December 28, 2006


Last night I paid my first visit to Saskatoon, upstate South Carolina's finest and only wild game restaurant. We sat next to a table of loud, jolly rednecks from Honea Path who had very strong opinions about Kevin Harvick, Daytona, and NASCAR in general. Here's W.I.A.:

two slices, bread with cinnamon butter
Caesar salad with shredded parmesan
fried alligator tails with mustard sauce
two bites, orange-glazed ostrich steak
grilled yak with garlic mashed potatoes

The alligator tails were very tasty, with a consistency somewhere in between fried clams and calimari. I accidentally dipped the last one in cinnamon butter instead of mustard sauce and it was fucking fantastic. But the real standout was the yak, which our fast-talking southern waiter initially described as "a big old ugly hairy monster that we slice on up and it's great." Then he dismissed my concern that it would be too gamey by saying, "It'll only make you frown just a little bit." Anyway, it turns out yak tastes exactly the same as steak, which I hadn't eaten in like eight months, so it was great.

Saskatoon also sells T-shirts with awesome slogans, such as:
"Conserve wildlife today. So there's more to eat tomorrow."
"Bison: one of the many vegetarians served in our restaurant."
and my personal favorite:
"There's plenty of room for all God's creatures... right next to the mashed potatoes."


Blogger doogs said...

This should go without saying, but for several hours after our meal ended, I was unable to get the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen song from Ren & Stimpy out of my head.

4:14 PM  
Blogger v.DANGER said...

This place sounds superfuckinggreat. LAFFs interested in game (not as awesome as saskatoon, though) in a little more upsacel place should check out Bistro K in Pasadena.

As Borat would say: I like! Am I right, guys!

6:03 PM  
Blogger SC said...

yeah this place sounds great. We should get some more FR roadtrips going.

1:32 PM  

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