Thursday, March 30, 2006

3.29.06 - It is spring

Bananas and cream instant oatmeal -- Crazily I still do not like this

Shake Shack
Shack burger -- lettuce, tomato, american cheese, shack sauce
Black and white shake
Well, I headed down to the Shake Shack and waited in line with a bunch of other suckers for a ridiculously long time for what is essentially pool food. The thing is that I expected to be able to say that I've been to Shake Shack and it's fine, but whatever, it's burgers. As it turned out though, Shake Shack is really really good (though I admit the reason I liked it so much may have something to do with how long I waited for the food). The burger, advertised as a mix of sirloin and brisket (I appreciated this because this is exactly what Alton Brown suggests in order to get the flavor from the sirloin and the connective tissue from the brisket or chuck so that the burger doesn't dry out), was moist and flavorful in the greasy griddle kind of way, even though it was medium rather than my preferred medium-rare. The best part was the bun, it was just the right size, and buttered, and held together, and tasted great. Fries were decent and the shake was good. I guess I would not stand in the crazy line for this again, but I will definitely go back for a late afternoon 3:30 lunch, it is great.

Oh, one last thing: my entire meal cost about $11. This isn't totally cheap, but in a world where you can't get a cheeseburger at Off Track Betting (spoiler alert!!!) for under $11, this seems like a great deal.

Winner's Circle @ The OTB

NOTE: when you sit down to the Winner's Table, you have just agreed to pay no less than $15 for food and drink.

1 Budweiser
Fried calamari
No shrimp scampi you ask? I was too full from lunch.

Blue & Gold
Some B&G
Complimentary jim beam shot.
I also bought some beers for a couple of assholes who beat us at pool.


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