Friday, March 24, 2006

SC, March 23

An English muffin, toasted, with peanut butter

Vegetable soup from Mani's.
1/2 of a chicken quesadilla from same.

1 can, Barq's root beer
3 mini Krackel bars
1 Andes candy

1 pint Guiness
1 small tumbler, Jameson and water

Miss Laura prepared a Mexican feast. She used this cookbook.

She replicated entirely the experience of eating at a Mexican restaurant, in that I filled up on chips.
Whole Foods 365 chips, with homemade red and green salsas, and guacamole
Drunken beans
Steak, marinated in sauce (delicious!)
3/4 bottle of white wine
1 glass, sparkling wine from Trader Joe's
1 glass, Calvados

Later that evening I had a conversation wherein I was accused of "going soft," WIA being submitted as evidence.


Blogger Jack said...

It sounds like "soft" must be some new piece of youth slang for "awesome."

4:50 PM  
Blogger Jack said...

Fontana - I had missed a question you had posed about last weekend's popcorn - I prepared per your instructions and enjoyed it quite a bit. Unfortunately, I only have one large pot and it's huge, so I could not make much in my smaller pot, but it was still good. I have a bunch of pot and pan lids with built in steam holes, so I was good to go. I served with some butter I melted in the 'crowave and sea salt.

Related - has anyone used Maldon sea salt? I've heard it's outstanding. I have a tube of La Baleine fine ground that is great, but I'm interested in trying an alternative.

5:03 PM  

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