Friday, March 24, 2006


1 Naval Orange

1 Mixed Berry yogurt
Some baby carrots
1 Naval Orange
1 Hunts Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack

Carnegie Deli
Some matzo ball soup with matzo balls and noodles -- This was terrible matzo ball soup.
Brisket on rye -- This was suprisingly pretty good brisket.
Cole Slaw
What the Carnegie Deli has in fame and huge portions, it more than makes up for in bad food and ridiculous prices. I'm not sure why Mom and Grandma decided to meet there, given that none of us like Carnegie Deli and there are several delis in New York we do like (the answer is that it is pretty close to my work and the theatre, but still not a great reason). It worked out ok for me though since the brisket was pretty decent, best thing on the table. No other foodreporters spotted tonight, although apparently many have been to Carnegie Deli. We sat under a particularly fetching picture of the oldest son on Home Improvement from when he was 12 or so.

Also, Mom claims that the deli in Detroit is better than New York (she is from New York, but Dad is from Detroit). I tend to disagree. I like Katz's here, and Artie's is decent (Fine & Shapiro is alright also).


Blogger SC said...

couldn't agree more on Carnegie Deli - that place is stinkola.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

Even worse than Carnegie is the Carnegie knockoffs around Times Square that want to sell you too much of even worse meat and that decorate with, say, caricatures of celebrities, shall we say? And maybe the celebrities are making a series of half-hearted puns about the restaurant? It's sad that they're just also-rans who decided to imitate the formula of a deli that we all agree is not great.

10:02 AM  

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