Thursday, March 23, 2006

Zach Eats 3/22-23

I hope no one is annoyed that I will now post the second half of the previous day and the first half of today because that is where I'm at these days.

3-22 Dinner
2 glasses of some kind of red wine at the Harvard Club of New York.
2 Brooklyn Ales, some bar chips and 3 slices of mini pizza at the Harvard Club of New York bar.
I applied to be in the Harvard Club so I can use the gym and I had to go for an interview with some old people because of tradition. Nadosy was also there being interviewed and she is excited at the prospect of having a big Lampoon party in New York (now that she saw me and found out that there are Lampoon people in New York). If any NY food reporters don't get invited to her party, I'm sorry I told you about it.
30 ounce Heineken on the way to food reporter Dubs' improv show. They told me at the show that I outside drinks weren't allowed in, but I assured them that I would not drink my beer once admitted. I lied!
1 Bass Ale.
3 Blue and Gold Lager glasses-ish.

1 pancake.
1 piece of white toast w/ butter.
Orange juice.
Chicken, chinese bbq pork, broccoli and carrots.
White roll w/ pesto from yesterday's sandwich.
1 chocolate chip cookie
Another orange juice.


Blogger SC said...

The "Nadosy Party" is an old ruse that's been pulled on young 'pooners for years now. Basically, she says she's gonna have a big party, and then doesn't.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Junior said...

Then she eats out of the trash. No?

3:06 PM  

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