Friday, April 28, 2006

4.27.06 -- Grandma Dinner Returns

Blueberry yogurt
Baby Carrots
Vanilla Snack Pack

Blaue Gans
Bread with red pepper dip (I think)
Burenwurst, Sauerkraut, Senf, Kren -- Pork and beef sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, fresh shaved horseradish
ites of Grandma's lemon sole with white asparagus -- The white asparagus were crazy. They were more than an inch in diameter and they were delicious.
Jager Schnitzel, Spaetzle -- This was a flattened pork cutlet with spaetzle (German version of noodles) in some kind of light brown buttery sauce with mushrooms and thick little chunks of bacon. This was very tasty and buttery. Also, this was maybe the second or at most third time in my life I have ever eaten pork (this does not include bacon, which I love and have eaten many times, or chinese food pork dumplings, which I count as some other kind of meat). My family is not kosher at all, but we really just never ate pork. I think probably a lot of Jews are like this -- since there isn't pork in Jewish cooking, Jews often just won't cook or eat it. It will never be my favorite meat (there are so many great ones), but I decided that people seem to like it, and I ought to at least have a more amicable relationship with it such that I don't just skip over that portion of the menu every time. Either way, don't expect pork to appear in my reports again anytime soon.
Huckleberry Compote with meringue -- This had some crazy German name that I can't remember or find online. It was awesome and unlike anything I've had before. The meringue was much fluffier and moister than meringues I've had.

This place is Kurt Gutenbrunner's new, less formal (no reservations, etc.) restaurant. I'd say it was sort of like an Austrian version of a French bistro if that makes sense. It was good, hearty food, if a little overpriced. I also think that my dish probably had between 4 and 6 sticks of butter in it and then they probably added two more sticks at the end.

Blue and Gold
Some whiskey-cokes
Some BG


Blogger MMW said...

MattPod, you eat very well, and I envy you for it.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

Haw haw haw, white asparagus looks like a pee-pee!

9:32 AM  

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