Friday, April 28, 2006


Yesterday I started my eating at the buffet at Mandalay Bay. Here, I think, is everything I had there.

5 sausage links
1 strip bacon
1 Belgian waffle with "maple sauce"
6 pieces pineapple
4 pieces watermelon
2 servings of breakfast potatoes
1 serving of penne with cheese
1 strawberry
2 pieces of gouda cheese
2 slices of mini tiramisu
1 bite of chocolate cake
3 cups of coffee with cream and sugar
2 mimosas

Not that much, when you add it all up.

Samanluang Thai in Pomona, CA
Pad Prik King with beef
Some sweet and sour chicken
1 bite elephant noodle
Thai iced tea

Rocco's Pizza (delivered)
2 slices of Hawaiian pizza
1/2 bottle of Smoking Loon


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