Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Saturday through Tuesday, ZK Style


Lunch @ Grendel's Den outside, w/ Mom, Dad, and Xtina
Grilled chicken sandwich w/ bbq sauce. OJ. Chips and salsa.

Some crostini and a peppermint patty at my house.

Dinner @ The Chatham Squire
Filet, cooked medium, w/ french fries. 1 bass.

Emack & Bolio's cookies n' cream ice cream w/ hot fudge.

2/3 bottle of Firestone Sauvignon Blanc on the beach. It was too fruity.

Some challah.


I went for a run and on the way two little girls tried to sell me lemonade. Here's how it went down:

Girl 1: Do you want some lemonade?
Me: (shrus while running) Nope.
Girl 2: Good, because you can't have any!
Girl 1: He's like, 'okay...'

On the way back, running home, I passed them again, this time there were four girls.

Girl 1: Do you want some kool-aid? It's free because you're a runner.
Me: No.
Girl 2: You look like you could use it!
Me: Is there whiskey in it?
Girl 1: No.
Me: Then no.

I don't know why I did that.

Melt-a-way from Bonatt's Bakery. If you are not familiar w/ a melt-a-way, it is like a big piece of sugared bread glazed in sugar.
Toasted challah, turkey, cheez-its, OJ.
White chocolate M&Ms.

@ Spiritus Pizza in Provincetown
1/2 Emack & Bolio's oreo frappe.
1/2 slice of cheese pizza.

1 Sam Adams Black Lager
Chips and salsa.
Chicken sandwich, and one chicken finger from Brax Landing in Harwichport.

Ice cream post "Crash" watching. I was very unsettled after watching Crash, so I needed more ice cream.


Pancakes and Panceckos. OJ.
Cheez-its. White chocolate M&Ms. Chocolate milk. Turkey.

1 Gala Apple

@ Home in Newton
Chips and salsa.
Grilled chicken.
Baby carrots.
White Rice.
2 chocolate chip cookies.

1 more 1/2 of a cookie.

On the train to New York.
1 brioche roll.
1 chocolate chip cookie.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/bacon and lettuce. OJ, cookie, oyster crackers, chocolate milk, hot chocolate.

1 gala apple.

Saltines, ice cream.
Chicken kabob sandwich (I don't think I want to go to this place anymore). OJ
Last cookie from home.


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