Friday, June 30, 2006

2006 JUNE 29

I ate a trader joe's triple shot mocha!
I ate a whole lot of raspberry lemonade gatorade!
I am awesome!
I ate two smidgens!
I ate a panino di carciofi & prosciutto cotto!
(It contained prosciutto cotto, crucolo cheese, artichoke confit, and was served on flauto bread, lightly dusted with sea salt and brushed with olive oil!)
I also ate half a slice of pizza patate before I got full and gave it away!
I am awesome!
And I drank a Budweiser, and another Budweiser at Morgan Lehman (outstanding) and Magnum Projects (bad)!
And then some middling white wine served in an actual glass at a deceptively decent show of essentially decorative painting at Bortolami Dayan!
And then some authentically bad but drinkable wine from Elga Wimmer (ehh!) that lasted me through some more shows (ehh!)!
Wine so bad I actually threw it out rather than drink it, wine that tasted not only like chemicals, but like chemicals that made no secret of their intent to destroy me from Virgil de Voldere (quite good, Tsui Kuang Yu's video was remarkable!)!
Budweiser at Derek Eller (or something, whatever, it was good, mainly for the animatronic display of an American colonial with a giant dick peeing eternally into the splayed ribcage of a redcoat while an assortment of terrifying woodland creatures looked on)!
Unremarkable white wine from Yossi Milo (awesome, Atta Kim kicks my butt)!
At some point during these proceedings, I ate a healthful dinner of a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar!
I am awesome!
Eight 8oz Budweiser cans! (?) (?)
Vodka and water!
Vodka and Paul Newman's sparkling lemonade (Now we are talking!)


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