Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Breakfast (9:45am)
Ham and cheese croissant (I bought this the day before at S&K Donuts, owned by a charming family of some sort of Asianic heritage)
Coffee with lots of half and half and sugar

Lunch (1pm) - The Farm ordered at work
Turkey chili (cup)
Mixed green salad
One slice of cheese and tomato pizza

Snacks - (330pm) - work
1 A&W Cream Soda

(600pm) - home

1 "trash noodles," beef flavor
1 grapefruit cocktail*

Hot Tub (700pm) - Spa 331
Smoked almonds
Scotch over ice (Dalmorangie?)

Dinner (9ish) - Club 331
2 slices, cheese pizza from Damiano's
2 Pacifico's
2 Scotches over ice

I'm back at work, so my eating will grow more routine I'm afraid. In a drunken fit I broke the decanter for my Capresso, and have yet to find a replacement - hence the decline in my Cap. drinking. * I thought I had delicious grapefruit juice in my fridge - the perfect treat for a thirsty fellow. But upon sipping from a large glass I'd poured, I realized it was in fact runoff from cocktail-making experiments, and was at least half vodka. I drank it anyway, as it provided a kick in the arse that I needed in my droopy state.


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