Wednesday, June 21, 2006


TJ Vegetarian breakfast patty
Diet grapefruit soda (breakfast!)
Saltines (breakfast!)

Frozen mocha thing from Costco

Cooking with CB, we made but I did not have opportunity or desire to test:
Apple yukon gold potato onion gratin
Orange campari chicken

Leftover couscous and vegetables
Saltines (my mouth hurts from all the salt)
Diet grapefruit soda
3 pieces jumbo roll from Katsuya (thanks, Danger)
Special Dark dipped in PB
3 small glasses white wine

Cat & Fiddle:
Strawberry Pucker Lemon Drop*
Bud Light

*At the end of things when stock is taken of my life, this will surely be numbered among my many mistakes. This was an impulse buy from the specials board. I assumed it would be a pint of boozy strawberry lemonade, an only mildly ridiculous drink. Instead it was a super-pink triple-shot, rimmed with sugar. I blushed and drank it as fast as I could so as not to be associated with it, and then ordered a beer to set things right.


Blogger Jack said...


You are going to be cloistered inside a well-appointed but dully catered room for one month. You can make a provision to have (a) your choice of DVDs for the duration or (b) constantly available Saltines. (Note: otherwise, you are left to eat basically palatable but unexciting chef's salads, tofu sandwiches, and gruels without the Saltines.)

11:44 PM  
Blogger strach said...

It would be in my best interest to be in a place where I was not allowed to have any saltines, so I'll take the DVDs. Can you make this happen? I'd like to start with the first season of Prison Break, please.

9:37 AM  

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