Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Beef short rib sandwich, blue cheese dressing, onions (so I was told), toasted challah -- Will I ever learn to stop wasting my money on ridiculous, overpriced, mediocre sandwiches? Probably when I stop working in the worst part of Manhattan. Apparently that's what everyone is into here.

Oga Japanese Tapas and Maki
Cold sake
Bites of:
Negihama maki (yellowtail/scallions)
Salmon skin maki
Kmeeks maki (crab stick tempura, eel, flying fish roe, avocado)
B-29 maki (salmon and a bunch of stuff)
B-52 maki (yellowtail and bunch of stuff)
Hamachi china maki (20 things including hamachi)
Spicy tuna tostado (This was thin layers of seaweed and rice tempura covered with a bunch of stuff including spicy tuna)
Nasu dengaku (eggplant with 3 kinds of sweet soybean)
Enoki & asparagus beef maki (enoki mushrooms, asparagus rolled in beef in a teriyaki sauce)
Unagi Agedashi (fried eel and mozzarella in a light fish sauce)
Hirame ceviche (fluke)
Hamachi carpaccio

With 8 people at the table I guess I got to try a little of a lot of things. It wasn't a serious sushi restaurant like Oga in Boston, which I prefer, but the food was good and it was pretty fun, if a little difficult to figure how out how much to order.

Blue & Gold


Blogger MMW said...

I'm irked by the migration of the word tapas into non-Spanish cuisine, particularly when used in cultures that serve foods that are tapas-like already (dim sum, sushi).

3:20 PM  
Blogger mattpod said...

In Oga's defense, these dishes were distinctly like tapas rather than sushi. The spicy tuna tostado was a pretty decent job of a Japanese - Mexican (I think?) fusion. But I guess in general I agree, since I have found most of my tapas experiences to be pretty disappointing, I don't know why every place has to serve them now.

7:10 AM  

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