Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SC's Sunday

SK Donuts:
Chocolate frosted donuts
3 donut holes
The Sunday ritual of walking to get donuts reminds me of my childhood. Sometimes I think I should go to church, because then I would "earn" my donuts, and thinking about donuts for an hour beforehand would make them taste so good.

BLT wrap
Baked potato with butter
Snapple pink lemonade flavor

Farmer's Market:
Mint chip ice cream with chocolate sprinkles

Junior's house, poolside:
Some chardonnay
2 chunks pineapple
I can't really get into Korean food, because the spicy stuff I find too spicy, and the not-spicy stuff I find bland. I give it a run every six months, and sooner or later I'll "get" it.


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