Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Graduation Week

I had to go to a bunch of graduations (2) so I was out of commission. Here's what I remember since last Tuesday.

Tuesday, 6/6
Turkey sandwich. Chocolate chip cookie, OJ. Apple.

Burrito Bol from Chipotle, just rice and chicken and tortilla on the side.

@ Housing Works Used Books Café
7 or 8 glasses of white wine.
2 heinekens.

@ Botanica
1 Bass, maybe more. Bought some drinks for co-workers, I recently found out.

@ The bar next to Botanica

I think I peed on my rug before going to bed that night. It's possible I didn't though.

Wednesday, 6/7
Turkey sandwich, w/pesto, lettuce, and ketchup. CC cookie, OJ, chocolate milk, oyster crackers.

Grilled chicken sandwich, fries, and orange juice from McDonalds.

@ The Cellar, Cambridge
1 Bass

1 chocolate chip cookie, some white chocolate M&Ms

Thursday, 6/8
Chocolate chip cookie.

@ Quincy House Graduation Boxed Lunch
Cold, cold grilled chicken. Water. Brownie. 2 rolls.

@ Davide w/Xtina's family, my family, and Xtina's fiancé's family
3 glasses of Chardonnay
Spaghetti w/ tomato sauce.
Lamb chops and green beans. (The lamb chops were really good.)
Piece of graduation cake.
I had to make a toast to Xtina and it went okay.

Some red wine.

Friday, 6/9
4 quarters of two bagels (=1 whole bagel)
chocolate chip cookie

Grilled chicken sandwich @ Grendel's

10 chicken wings from Russo's @ home.
Chocolate milk, crostini, OJ, challah.

Saturday, 6/10
2 white chocolate frosted little cookies @ Roxbury Latin graduation reception.

Frank's Graduation Party
3 pieces of chicken
1 piece of mini-pizza.
2 glasses of OJ
Chips and salsa.
Mini congo bar.
Oreo Ice Cream w/ hot fudge and more oreos from the ice-cream bar.
Mini brownie.
Some pastry crust.
3 chicken wings.

3 more chicken wings.
Some turkey.
Mini brownie.
A lot of crostini.
Toasted pita.
Another brownie.
Chocolate milk.

Sunday, 6/11
Toasted pita. Some turkey and chicken, maybe another chicken wing.
More brownies? So much food. Cookie.

3 chicken tenders from Roy Rogers.

Yoo-hoo. Shortbread cookie.

11th Street Bar
Jameson straight, or neat. Either way, the bartender Kenny told me he knew what I meant when I said it, which was odd, because obviously he would know what those terms meant.

Monday, 6/12
Turkey sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, oyster crackers, red delicious apple. OJ.

Chicken from home, pita, shortbread cookie, OJ.

Tuesday, 6/13
Some international kind of chicken. Broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/pesto, oyster crackers, OJ, chocolate chip cookie, 5 dark chocolate hershey's kisses.

5 bites of gross red delicious apple.

@ Tap-a-Keg
1 bass.
1 and 1/2 slices of cheese pizza from Mama's Pizza.

2 shortbread cookies, some OJ.



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Xtina has a fiancé?

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Blogger zachkay said...

It's a touch-and-go situation, but she plays it well.

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