Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend In Review 2, 6.17.06 -- Saturday

4 Jelly Bellies -- Thanks Walt.

Lime Gatorade

Did I forget to eat lunch? I think I had a bit of cookie at some point. Oops!

Drop Off Service
1 Old Speckled Hen

Some red wine from Greece whose name I can not remember.
Grilled pita, chickpea dip
Htapothi scharas (grilled marinated octopus) -- This was served with some oil, nice balsamic and capers I think.
Papia psiti me thymarisio meli kai xinomala (pan-seared duck breast, sauteed potatoes, sour apples) -- The apples were really awesome and made this dish.
Bite of Xristina's Frangokota tis mamas mou (Greek mom's cornish hen)

Green Leaf White Tea with Ginseng and Honey -- this was fine for a bottled drink, but loading white tea with honey and other flavors is a stupid idea. For some reason every bottled tea company has stumbled onto white tea in the last month.

Some Irish Pub on Ludlow
1 shot Jameson
1 Guinness

Sunburnt Cow
1 whiskey/coke
Some budweisers


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