Monday, July 17, 2006

Get your eyeballs ready for what I ate on Sunday

Mani's Bakery:
* Breakfast sandwich on a croissant
* Side of fruit
* Mint lemonade

Diet Dr. Pepper (I'll replace this Strach!)
I hate the taste of soda, but it has been oddly muggy in LA the last few days and I wanted something cold and caffenated.

Bastille Day Celebration:
* Three grilled mergez links
* French fries
* Cup of white wine
The mergez was fine, but probably the worst I've had. Mergez has historically been one of my favorite sacs of meat.

Cup of refridgerated coffee
This gets me around the soda problems if I think to make and refridgerate the coffee far enough in advance.

Damiano's delivery:
* Three slices pepperoni pizza
My biggest complaint about LA dining is the lack of very late night dining options. After 1am, I'm pretty much forced to eat Canter's, Damiano's, or something I make myself. If I had time at 1am to be cooking, I'd be sleeping.


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