Friday, July 14, 2006

2006 July 13

Half a sausage egg and cheese sandwich
Home fries
23.5oz AriZona GTGH

Two Peanut Butters & Jelly with Welch's strawberry spread, Xtra Chunky Skippy on Wonder's new Whole Grain white bread
Two cups of milk
Cup of Fruit Punch Gatorade
Xtreme Gulp (52oz) Lemon Lime Gatorade
Another PBJ

White wine
Vodka tonic
White wine
Two Red Stripes
Brooklyn Lager

Half King
Bud Light

Two Pabst Blue Ribbon beers

Half a Bud Light

I cannot lie, Wonder's whole grain white drew some negative reviews from certain of my co-workers, although I found it quite satisfactory. I am not sure whether they were simply feeling averse to the New or whether there were actual problems of taste or texture for them. I quite enjoyed, myself, and might well purchase it again.

Also, Food Friend Murbles - remember the sculpture that we joked was a zombie trap? I have done some research. The work is entitled "Zombie Trap." My appreciation of it has increased tenfold, although your criticisms of its conception are still quite justified. Although, perhaps the sculpture was meant to present a poorly conceived zombie trap? By an amateur zombie hunter without your familiarity with the zombie mind?


Blogger Murbles said...

Zombie Guest Report: Thursday, July 13, 2006-

1 human brain on toast
1 glass OJ

At the office:
2 brains
1 venti skim latte

Catered lunch:
1 brain
Some kind of orzo salad. This was okay.
1 can Cherry Coke

After-work rampage:
20 brains

Blue and Gold:
Blue and Gold lager.

I forgot to eat dinner!

8:13 AM  

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