Sunday, July 16, 2006

New York!

Red eye from LAX to JFK, 11pm-7am:
2 glasses white wine

Jost's New York, noon:
2 sips of a fruit and berry smoothie made by Jost. The main ingredient in this fruit and berry smoothie was, of course, chocolate ice cream.

Ferry to Staten Island, 1pm:
Tall boy of bud light

Josts' Staten Island, 1:30-3pm:
Chips and guacamole
1 chocolate donette
1 bud light
2 margaritas?
Some viognier spritzer
Some viognier

Then I passed out from about 3pm to 9pm, missing the entirety of the BBQ. I awoke to find myself wearing what I think was Jost's Dad's shirt.

Ferry to Manhattan, 9:30pm:
Tall boy of bud light (She's back!)

Strach, did you change out of a huge man's short-sleeved button-up before going out on the town? No, I did not.

Stoned Crow, night:
Some cheese pizza
2 glasses white wine

Blue and Gold, late night:
I don't remember how I got here or what happened, but I assume I had some beers at some point? I am told I returned home at 5am.

New York!


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