Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guest What *I* Ate?!, 8/15/06

11:00 am: 1 cup of coffee with Nestle French Vanilla Coffeemate

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm: Waited in line at Bay Cities. A Santa Monica institution, Bay Cities is an Italian deli that has been recommended to me and my family for years, but today was my first visit, at my mother’s urging. The line was outrageous, and thankfully there was a woman handing out alfajores (?) samples, which consist of a small cookie sandwich with vanilla frosting in the middle and powdered sugar dusted on top. The quarter of an alfajore I had was great, but

at 12:40 pm: Sunk my teeth into Bay Cities’ unrelentingly delicious Parma Prosciutto sandwich, with the works (Italian dressing, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers). YUM. I only had half of this sandwich because it was so big and so filling. Also gulped down a bottle of Costco’s Kirkland water.

12:50 pm: Decided I was hungrier than I thought and had a mini-cannoli, also sold at Bay Cities in their refrigerator of sweets.

3:40 pm: Another mini-cannoli, in celebration of my first trip to Ikea.

4:15 pm: Jasmine Milk Boba Tea from Volcano Tea on Sawtelle. While I was there, I saw Mark the Cobrasnake with his entourage, which included his 16 year-old girlfriend and a friend who was wearing a Mark The Cobrasnake shirt, but sadly sans Steve Aoki.

8:30 pm: The other half of my Parma Proscuitto sandwich from Bay Cities. Admittedly, this was a bit soggy, but still fantastic. A bottle of iced tea. Some water.

11:00 am: A few cocoa almonds!


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