Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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My Half-Birthday

Grilled chicken breast sandwich w/lettuce and bacon. This sandwich from the cafeteria is never very good in terms of chicken, but the bun is really good, as is the bacon.
Orange Juice.
Chocolate chip cookie.
Oyster crackers.
Dove dark chocolate eggs (3).

Big penne with meat sauce, made by Mattpod.
Chips and salsa from Whole Foods.
Orange Juice.
Peppermint Patties (3)

3 slices of grilled chicken.
4 pieces of broccoli.
White roll w/ butter.
Chocolate chip cookie.
Dove dark chocolate eggs (4) + regular Hersheys mini milk chocolate rectangle.
2 packages of oyster crackers.
Crappy hot chocolate.

Crumbs left over from Chips.
Grilled chicken sandwich from Vietnamese place on 3rd that Mattpod knows the name of. Mickey's?
3 peppermint patties.

Smoked turkey on french bread with lettuce, ketchup, and pesto. The amount of turkey that the woman who works at the sandwich counter gives me is absurd. There was probably a pound of turkey on my sandwich and she decided it needed one more huge slice of turkey. I had to eat some of the turkey separately because there's no way I could fit it in the sandwich and then I also had to throw away about a quarter pound of turkey. I love turkey, but c'mon lady. I don't need the protein, lord knows. At first I always wanted to go to her, but it's not like I get 3 hours for lunch, just to finish my turkey.


Blogger mattpod said...

For clarification:

Vietnamese place is Nicky's.

Big Penne = Rigatoni. However, I much prefer the name Big Penne with Meat Sauce for this dinner, so that is what I will call it from now on. Thanks Zachkay!

11:57 AM  

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