Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wednesday gets Ca-razay, 3/29


SC - The answer to "why" I eat almost everything I do is that I only eat about 5 things. However, as of one year ago now, I only ate about 2 things, so I'm on my way to becoming a normal man.

Condé Nast Cafeteria
3 slices of grilled chicken (I ate this for protein and I wasn't very hungry).
5 pieces of broccoli (for my health).
1 roll w/ olive oil.
1 chocolate chip cookie.
1 orange juice.

Hot chocolate and oyster crackers.
Dove dark chocolate eggs. (I get these from a bowl of candy in the office library. I have to talk to the people who work there every time I take candy because otherwise it would be rude, and also they're pretty nice. On Monday, one of them asked me how I reconciled playing basketball with being short, and all the other librarians have been super apologetic and nice to me since then, although as I explained to them, I took no offense.)

The Winners' Circle @ OTB
2 budweisers.
A grilled chicken sandwich (no fries? come ON Winners' Circle!)

Blue and Gold
A bunch of Blue and Gold lager.

Home Again
When I got home I was pretty drunk and by myself. My girlfriend Christina had bought me some snacks before she left for L.A. yesterday, so I ate a lot of chips and salsa, and then piecemeal ate the other half of my sandwich from OTB until I gave in and ate the whole thing. I've been in the habit of getting half of my sandwiches wrapped up when I go out, so now I have accumulated too many half-sandwiches in my apartment for me to eat them all before they go bad.


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