Sunday, April 30, 2006


2 Pillsbury crescent rolls
Orange juice
Vietnamese coffee with a shot of Jameson

Tumbler of Jameson over ice
1 slice of leftover Hawaiian pizza

Farmer's Market
1 small scoop of coffee chip ice cream

Tumbler of Jameson over ice

Hunan Taste
"Family Dinner": hot and sour soup, spring roll with lots of mustard, rice, stir-fry beef, sweet and sour chicken, beef with broccoli, other things. The only thing I didn't have was the shrimp.
Lots of green tea
1 Tsingtao beer

Party in the hills
1 glass of white wine
2 Helsers (vodka and orange juice)
1 chocolate covered strawberry

Notes: I drank a lot of Jameson, but not to the end of any one satisfying drunk. Rather it acted to keep my day somewhat interesting, rather like passing around the bottle at a 19th century blacksmith's shop.


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