Friday, April 28, 2006

Zach is Back in the Saddle, ZK 4/27-4/28 (up until 3:26pm)

Smoked turkey, pesto, ketchup, lettuce on toasted ciabatta bread. Oyster crackers, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, OJ.

Roast turkey, brioche roll, OJ.

Smoked turkey, pesto, ketchup, lettuce on toasted ciabatta bread. You may recall, depending on whether I recorded this or not, that one time when I ordered my sandwich and the guy who works there was making it, the Asian lady who gives me too much turkey was yelling at him the whole time how I like my sandwich and he was just laughing but she was getting very mad because she wants my sandwich to be perfect. Today, I ordered from the guy again (it's luck of the draw, as the sandwich line splits into three lines only when you're next in line) and while he was toasting the bread, she asked me what I wanted and as I tried to explain that he was helping me she started getting out the ingredients and snatched the bread out of the guy's bewildered hands. The way she makes my sandwich is to make a perfect sandwich, then unmake it, and then add 2 pounds of turkey.

Chocolate chip cookie, OJ, hot chocolate, oyster crackers. The woman at the checkout register knows I ask for oyster crackers so she gave me 4 packages of them, unprompted. That is, needless to say, too many oyster crackers for one person, unless they are starving. My doctor of one visit wants me to lose weight while everyone in the cafeteria is trying to give me an excess of food?! This is why people commit suicide.


Blogger mattpod said...

This was actually posted at 3:28 (EDT)

2:37 PM  
Blogger zachkay said...

But it was a report of the what I ate up until 3:26.

11:10 PM  

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