Monday, June 19, 2006


4 more Jelly Bellies -- Thanks Walt, Happy Birthday!

Tangerine Rain Gatorade -- I forgot to eat lunch again. Why don't I get hungry on weekends? Is it because my stomach is full of beer?

1 Country Club Naranja (orange soda) -- This was across the street from Jamin's "house warming barbeque." This was 5 people I didn't know in an empty apartment with a U-Haul outside and no food or barbeque. Was this some kind of crazy prank pulled on me?

Some chardonnay
Roasted beet salad, haricots verts, leeks, fourme d'Ambert -- I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese, but this stuff was great.
Lapin a la Moutarde (Braised rabbit, mustard sauce, mushrooms, onions, papperdelle)
Bite of warm chocolate cake
Bite of tart tatin
Earl grey
I can see why this restaurant is so popular. The food is good, but not fussy or exorbitantly priced, it's casual and everyone seems to be having a good time. We had a great waiter. My one complaint is that they have bathroom attendants and I just hate this convention. Why should I have to pay someone to turn on the faucet for me and why should I have to feel guilty about not paying him? Also, why do I have to pee with some guy looking at me and making me feel like I'm doing a bad job and not using enough of the dozens of items available to me that have no use in a normal bathroom?


Blogger mattpod said...

Just to protect Jamin's good name: I reread his e-mail and I was really completely wrong about it being a big barbeque. I am dumb and not Jamin. Luckily, I had other business nearby so it wasn't very far out of my way. Plus there was no Senegalese food like I was promised so that is kind of his fault also.

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