Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend, ZK

Friday, 6/16
Intern Lunch w/ Mattpod, Intern Doron (Duh-Rone) Greene, and Xtina
BBQ Chicken wing and 1/4 of breast. Lettuce, broccoli, white roll w/pesto. Chocolate chip cookie, oyster crackers, chocolate milk, hot chocolate (even though it was hot out).

A little bit of cookie.

Chips and salsa.
2 blue moons.
A few glasses of Riesling from TJ's.
Penne w/ tomato and arugula.
Shortbread cookie.

Some Stella at a bar outside. McAllarin's?
2 PBRs at Lakeside Lounge.
(At one point I bought 5 PBR's for people who then told me they didn't want them and I was pretty shocked about this.)

Saturday, 6/17
Toasted bagel w/ butter from Café Pick-me-up. (I ate this bagel at the Stuy-town paddle tennis courts immediately before playing paddle tennis, which luckily isn't too demanding. Still, I felt like I was sweating butter the whole time.)

Some chips and salsa while waiting to shower and watching the World Cup.

Pita w/ hummus type dip.
2 glasses of Greek red wine.
Paparoika (Baby Lamb Chops w/ spinach and Fried Potatoes).
I also had some bites of Xtina's cornish hen and Mattpod's duck and roast apple dinners.
Some Galaptakoikos (dough with honey and custard).

Shortbread cookie.

1 bass at McAllarin's Celtic Lounge on Ludlow Street.
3 1/2 bass at the Sunburnt Cow for Walt's birthday.

Sunday, 6/18
Some gatorade during tennis at noon.

A turkey sandwich at 4:53 pm. Xtina was really upset that we didn't eat anything until 4:53 pm, especially when we played tennis in the morning. She almost fainted. This wouldn't be the first time that she had fainted from me forgetting to get us food for an entire day.


3 glasses of Merlot
Steak Frites. The Frites were extremely good.

Mary's Dairy
Vanilla soft-serve w/ hot fudge. After much debate, this turned out to be exactly the right thing to order.


Blogger mattpod said...

Listen, I hate to be an asshole, but you fucking made up those Greek names and you know it and I am pretty annoyed. Lamb chops are paidakia galaktos stin schara and Xristina's dessert was a Christo's Towering Galaktobourekakia. Maybe this is the wrong place to call you out like this, but I am *not* happy.

2:28 PM  
Blogger zachkay said...

Mattpod, I hate to tell you this, but:

You passed the test.

8:11 AM  

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