Friday, June 30, 2006



Breakfast, Kokomo Cafe
2 cups coffee
Breakfast potatoes
They have bad croissants here, croissants that are too dense. I ate no more than 1/4 of this.

Lunch, PF Chang's at work
Lo mein
Kung pao
White rice
1 chicken dumpling
Stash green tea
A guy who went to China once told me that Americans ruin their Chinese food by not eating enough white rice. Ever since, I try to pile all my food on a heap of white rice. This is great for PF Chang's, as it soaks up all that syrup. But it's made difficult by the PAs insistence on putting the rice at the end of the lunch line. FRUSTRATED SIGH AT LIFE'S CRUELTIES. Can anyone who's been to China shed light on how much rice I should be eating?

Leftover calzone (sausage, green peppers, sundried tomatoes) from Village Pizza
Small glass of Honeymoon viognier
Bite of Periginia dark chocolate
This is the best dark chocolate I've ever had. I got it at the pastry shop in Larchmont.

MLo's birthday
Small piece, Fudgy the Whale cake
1 Aquaman
this was a drink made by Jones, a sort of Long Island Iced Tea with blue curacao. It did its job admirably.


Blogger she-hubbs said...

In as much as Koreans are like Chinese, I can tell you that growing up, when I would eat Korean food for almost every dinner, our plates would consist of about 60% white rice, 30% meat, 10% vegetable side dishes.

4:55 PM  

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