Friday, June 30, 2006

Last Post for a While, ZK


Grilled chicken, 1 piece of broccoli (sometimes the broccoli in the caf├ęteria is white and gross), white roll w/ olive oil, handmade chocolate milk, OJ, chocolate chip cookie, oyster crackers. The woman who sold me these products tried to give me one hundred packages of oyster crackers because she wasn't going to be working today (Friday).

1 extra roll w/olive oil. This roll was almost like a croissant, and it was delicious.

1 gala apple. I started eating this apple before I went into the subway, so I decided to just walk down to 34th street so I wouldn't have to eat my apple while swiping into the subway and holding a book etc. The result was that I got rained on a bunch after making this decision.

Grilled chicken sandwich from Odessa w/ fries. 2 cupfuls of Shit Footprints.

2 glasses of wine.

@ Doc Holiday's
Doc's Amber

6/30, until 3:43pm

Turkey sandwich, OJ, carrots.
Chocolate chip cookie, from Pret a Manger, recommended to me, but not all that.

Slice of Sicilian mozzarella pizza from somebody's little private office party. This was just too much food right after lunch and I wanted to throw up. (20 minutes ago.)

Handmade chocolate milk.

Enjoy next week, WIAFRs!


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