Friday, June 23, 2006

Thursday, ZK

Smoked turkey w/lettuce, ketchup, and pesto on toasted ciabatta bread. I ate this sandwich in front of two co-workers who were really grossed out that it had ketchup and pesto on it, but it turned out that this was because one of them didn't like pesto and the other one didn't like ketchup. Who's gross NOW? I guess it's still a pretty gross looking sandwich.
Chocolate chip cookie, OJ, oyster crackers, roll w/pesto, 2 chocolate milks, peppermint patty, two dark chocolate hershey's kisses.

1 gala apple.

Mattpod's spaghetti w/cheese, pine nuts, etc. I also added a little tomato sauce because I have an unrefined palate. OJ. Edy's fudge brownie ice cream. A little bit of pita bread.

2 Milwaukee's Best
2 16oz Buds
5 sips of the crazy mixed drink Walt made in Kholmes' coke cup.

A piece of pita bread w/olive oil.


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