Thursday, June 22, 2006

Let me bore you with the details, ZK

Grilled chicken, lettuce, broccoli, OJ, chocolate chip cookie, white roll w/olive oil, oyster crackers, chocolate milk.

A little bit of chicken, a little bit of pita bread w/ olive oil. OJ. This was not enough food to prevent a horrible hangover.

@ Dubbin's Party
A few chips.
A cupcake.
4 Heineken keg cans.
1 Stella.
1 sip of a Jost Mojito. In appearance and texture, this was like drinking a dixie cup full of pesto, which I like, but is not something I usually drink. There appeared to be a number of nuts and grass in the cup.
1 Asahi.

Yelling the word "celebrity" for 45 minutes straight probably didn't help with not giving me a hangover, but the lesson is that I should have eaten more food and drank more water. This will be a lesson I will never forget while drinking.


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