Monday, July 17, 2006

Day 2, New York

Pom Juice

Hummus and salad pita sandwich from Chickpea
Diet Coke

Coffee chocolate ice cream

Cocktails at Johnson's:
Cheese and crackers
Bagel crisps
Hummus and pita chips
A chocolate cakey thing
3 Michelob Ultras
1 Budweiser Select

Blockheads, a bar I'm not certain really exists:
Chips and salsa
1 Strawberry Margarita
1 Mango Margarita
Sip of a black orchid (margarita + sangria)
Sip of a mojito

Blue and Gold:
1 Bud light
A few glasses Blue and Gold Lager

Walk home:
Bites of a spinach stromboli

I'd forgotten that when you live in New York and you walk home from bars, the probability of late night eating is very high. This probablility increases significantly when the person you are walking with is Jost and you pass any place that sells stromboli.


Blogger strach said...

Late night eating is, I feel, one of the big differences in dietary habits between NY and LA. Since moving to LA, I do not think I have once had, say, a slice of pizza at 3am.

Also, no surprise, in LA I eat about 3 times as much avocado as I did in New York.

Query: People who have spent time in both cities, what are some other differences you've noticed?

(I assume this question was posted sometime earlier and I have just forgotten)

4:50 PM  
Blogger SC said...

I heard pom juice tastes like farts. Please confirm.

9:19 PM  
Blogger MMW said...

For blooming sophisticates and gays:
a good cocktail is pom juice and tequila.

3:57 AM  

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