Monday, July 17, 2006

Zachkay Returns, the Legend of Dupree


Xtina's Friends' Lunch @ Bryant Park (food from Zeyting's)
Smoked turkey on toasted sourdough bread, w/ carrots. OJ. 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies.

4 dark chocolate dove promises and 2 peppermint patties.

Chocolate milk. My bottle of chocolate syrup ran out, which means someone has been "sampling the services." (Sampling the Services is apparently what you have to say to get a free shoe-shine at the Harvard Club, so they know that you're a legitimate douche.)

6 ritz crackers at the Harvard Club. I hit Xtina pretty hard in the face with a squash ball. Despite what I might have told her at the time, she looked like "Two Face" from Batman for about 45 minutes.

Dinner @ Il Vagabondo
3 glasses of Il Principe straw Chianti.
1/2 chicken parmigiana and penne w/tomato sauce.
1 Peroni.
(We were served wine with no questions asked, but when we played bocce, 3 different people asked if we were over 18.)

@ Sophie's

@ Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds


1/2 plain bagel toasted w/ butter from David's Bagels
A little Gatorade Orange

@ Statnasty Jost's McStatMansion
6-10 donettes
2 grilled buns
2 bud lights.
Grilled chicken.

1/2 plain bagel while waiting for bus to ferry.

2 of Parker's tic-tacs.

2 pieces of John's leftover orange chicken. It was disgusting to the point that Xtina posited that it was probably pigeon meat, causing me to almost throw up at the thought of that. Oh god. That is really gross.

16 oz Coors Lite.
Some of Theresa Harvey's white wine.

20 oz Sapporo.
Bite of Xtina's Greek Pita bread.

Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds.


Chips and Salsa and chocolate milk.

1/2 chicken and arugula panini at panini place on 10th and 1st.
1/2 french chocolate croissant.
1/2 OJ.

@ Mary's Dairy
Vanilla soft-serve w/ hot fudge.

2 pieces of Xtina's flatbread from Orologio.

Penne al Pomodoro w/ chicken from Orologio, plus flatbread. OJ.

Disgusting ice water @ You, Me, and Dupree.

Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds.


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