Monday, July 03, 2006

The Last Few Days


Chocolate chip granola bar

Blackberry yogurt
Baby carrots
Gala apple
Chocolate pudding

Superman @ Union Square
Popcorn w/ butter topping

Professor Thom's
2 Harpoon Summer Ales -- Still hate this

Mozzarella mac and cheese
bites of KSWH's brie mac and cheese and WLG's gruyere mac and cheese
Sorry lovers of trendy East Village restaurant conceits, this place is not good.


Chocolate chip granola bar

Pizzeria Regina, South Station
Mushroom slice

MikePod's Apartment, Somerville, MA
Mini Aero bar

Le Soir, Newton, MA
Sesame crusted tuna with pickle, frisee
Soft shells crab with beet sauce, avocado mousse in potato shell
Salmon loin, corn chowder, braised bok choy
Bites of berry cobbler

Sligo Pub, Davis Square
Anchor Steam

7.2.06 -- Wellesley, MA

Challah french toast

Some leftover lo mein found in parents' fridge

Mint julep

Pinot Noir
Mom's cold gazpacho -- This is great.
Grilled rainbow trout with lemon parsley butter -- I caught a few minutes of Boy Meets Grill the other day, and even though I don't like Bobby Flay, he was grilling trout which looked pretty easy and I love trout. So I grilled trout, which was pretty easy and I love trout.
Grilled corn with fresh herbs and lemon parsley butter


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