Saturday, July 01, 2006


Strawberries with brown sugar (Brown sugar makes the juices come out. My grandma taught me that. )
1 glass white cranberry juice

Farmers Market:
Baguette from M. Marcel
1 glass white wine
1 glass white zin

Diet Dr. Pepper

Pre-Superman, at R's:
1 vinegar soaked cherry*
1 piece very salty, very good cheese
2 glasses white wine

Post-Superman, at R's**:
Black bean chili chips and salsa
2 Episcopalians (This is a drink that R made up, a play on a Presbyterian, consisting of bourbon and limonata. The consummate host, she had the second one ready by the time I'd finished the first.)

Some Reese's Pieces

Toi on Sunset:
Ginger vegetables
2 diet cokes
Some Sapporo


*R is something of an epicure. The spread was olives, salty cheese, and vinegar soaked cherries, the last of which sort of tasted like olives.

**So this is a person that I'm already pretty nuts about. But get this, we get to her house and she says to me, she says, "What can I get for you? Let's see, I've got...white wine and...bourbon." I think she might be magic.


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