Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yesterday (8/16)

9:00 am: A few cocoa almonds to get me going.

9:45 am: 1 cup of coffee with Nestle French Vanilla Coffeemate. One piece of whole wheat toast. Two cubes of honeydew.

2:00 pm: pre-lunch snack at Leaf: 1 Mock Salmon Nori Roll, which was surprisingly tasty. Leaf is a light and airy organic vegan place in Culver City. You won’t miss it while driving on Washington Blvd., as it’s bright green! Although it’s no Real Food Daily and the waitstaff are really out of it, they use lots of soy and ginger sauces, which are great! To those remotely interested trying Leaf, I would recommend the “Wakame Wonder” as a starting point. It consists of wakame seaweed in a creamy ginger-shoyu dressing wrapped in mixed greens and sprouts.

3:00 pm: One salad with one of those parmesan lace cracker things on top from Wilson’s. (The director at the gallery I volunteer at ordered it for me, but I didn't get the full description.) A can of Diet Coke.

8:00 pm: Buddha’s Belly: Ginger Fried Rice. Lots of water with lemon.

~10:20 pm: "Project Runway" and the bad season premiere of "Laguna Beach" Season Three at Verbena: One and a half glasses of white wine (chardonnay?), a couple Kashi TLC crackers

Before bed: One glass of water


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