Sunday, August 20, 2006

Guest, 8/19/06

10:00 am: To-go from Mani's: One weird chocolate croissant (much worse than Amandine -- not flaky and light, but heavy and bread-like -- very undelightful), and a single vanilla latte. I also had one of the samples they were serving of the Strawberry Forever Cake. Everyone should buy this cake for every occassion. No one should buy their chocolate croissant ever again.

2:00 pm: A leftovers stir-fry concoction made by Papa Lo. This included spicy green beans, weird and thin rotisserie chicken strips, egg and white rice. While my dad was making this and I observed, it smelled great, but it turned out to be only somewhat good. To accompany: two glasses of water. And afterwards: a banana.

6:00 pm: Nyala with Warburton and Jones: We shared the pita-plus-hummus-ish appetizer, Yebeg Wot, Vegetarian Combination and Yesiga tibs. I believe I had the Dukem wine, which is white and very dry, and some water. Bonus: the jokes "tib of the iceberg" and "waitress, here's your tib" inspired an uncontrollable laughing fit in me!

9:00 pm: Two powdered sugar-covered Donettes. I loved (and continue to love) them so much that I had to add a picture to this post!
Party Times!
One Spritz (Campari, Cook's champagne, and Club Soda). Another powdered sugar-covered Donette. Stella Artois. A Bellini (Cook's champagne, Kern's Peach Juice).


Blogger SC said...

where do you think the stir-fry went wrong?

10:16 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

My dad added very little sauce, and each stir fry item seemed to be on the brink of expiration. But the idea of stir fry still gets my thumbs-up!

1:15 PM  

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