Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2/28/06 (later)

1 chicken vietnamese sandwich (nicky's)

1 chrysanthemum tea juicebox -- i think it was crysanthemum, it was something like that (a plant or flower), either way it was better than the lychee juicebox, and maybe even the coconut juicebox available at nicky's

some beer

1 slice of pizza with sliced tomatoes and garlic (i am not a fan of new york style pizza)

1 part of my 2 liter bottle of diet black cherry vanilla coke. this product tastes terrible. i think i was probably taken in by the billboard i saw which featured an extremely suggestive graphic of two cherries with a vanilla kiss on them. (i have tried to find a picture of this billboard on the internet, but haven't been able to so far. maybe i made it up?)


three free pancakes
100% pure maple syrup (which SC brought from home)
coffee with milk and equal

spinach dipped in various dressings (was trying out dressing recipes)
1 can diet dr. pepper

passion something something smoothie from jamba juice

test bites of vegetable risotto and spinach salad while preparing dinner with my boss, "CB."

sushi made from leftover tikka salmon, avocado, bean sprouts, and spinach
soy sauce
(note: if you make your own sushi, do not buy shirakiku brand nori. i found it to be very tough.)
1 can diet dr. pepper


Salt bagel with cream cheese

Sobe Elixir orange carrot juice (99 cents)
BLT w/ cheese
Small chunk of penuche w/ walnut
1 piece Orbit - light green flavor

5 country styles with applesauce
Orange juice

I also have an Omega Potato in the oven, prepared per Pat Reynold's instructions in Recipes for a Lady or a Man. I'm thinking supermarket brand Shedd's Spread or maybe some olive oil and some sea salt.

Edit: Spread, it turned out, and a 16oz can of Budweiser America Beer.


Good product, good gum.


Stuffed Spinach Parmesan Chicken Breast
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Mixed Vegetables

2/28/06 (lunch)

1 chocolate underground yogurt from sunnyfield farms. completely disgusting, perhaps intended as a joke food.

2/28/06 (so far)

1 and 1/2 pancakes, at Free Pancake Day at IHOP. NOTE: I did not pay for these pancakes. IHOP was giving out their most treasured commodity, pancakes, FOR FREE. This helps kids get books somehow.
1/4 slice of ham, at IHOP. Gross, miscolored.
Coffee with milk and 1 packet sugar.

End piece of a 10-foot turkey, ham, lettuce, onion and tomato sub. Generous mustard.
Small amount of macaroni 'n cheese
6 pieces, bad watermelon.
A&W Cream Soda (I have it in my head that cream soda "goes" with sandwiches)

NY Food Reporters Warning!

Pommes Frites is closed all week.

Monday, February 27, 2006

2/27/06 - A Tour of Asia

Salmon Avocado Roll

Dduk Gook (Korean Rice Dumpling Soup)
1 12 oz. can, Diet Coke

Chicken Udon Soup
1 Iced Green Tea

2/27 (continued)

Orange juice
Mountain Dew
Five Armour Country Recipe brown and serve sausages with applesauce
Jamaican style "rice and peas" with brown rice, red beans, coconut milk, sea salt, pepper, and Tabasco Chipotle to taste.

Music: A Tribe Called Quest "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo"
Mood: Full!!!

PS: Pom brand Pomegranate (sp?) tea - it comes in a reusable glass, and that's good for the future.


Half of a Village Pizza meatball sub. (Agree with DAK's contention that the meatballs there are "sausagey.")
1/2 slice, sausage and green pepper pizza.
2 glasses, Barqs root beer

"Pastitsio" Greek lasagna at Le Petit Greek (my folks are in town)
3 bites vanilla custard in filo dough.
2 glasses red wine.

4 Trader Joe's chocolate covered espresso beans.
2 Bud Lights.
1 small glass, calvados apple brandy.

Baked Brie appetizer

I made this: http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/000053baked_brie.php recently. You take Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, lay the dough flat, put brie on it. Spread some jam (I used apple) on the brie. Fold the dough over, like a sandwich. Drizzle maple syrup on top, then sprinkle some brown sugar. It was good, and did indeed look like it took a long time, but it was a monster to clean up because the sugar and syrup got all carmelized on the pan.

Classico Italian Sausage sauce

Don't eat Classico Italian Sausage With Peppers and Onions sauce. I'm pretty sure it gave me a lingering stomach discomfort.


Lightly steamed spinach with a lemon juice and grated parmesean dressing.
Black beans and rice.
One Wolavers India Pale Ale.

For breakfast

For breakfast these days I eat maybe 10 Wheat Thins, with slices of Van Gogh smoked gouda cheese on them, and cappucino I make on my Capresso machine.


The Set Decorator (This is a featured sandwich at the NBC Commissary. It is a triple-decker club sandwich with turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. I got it on toasted white bread.)
1 bag, Lays Original Potato Chips
1 can, A&W Root Beer

(prospective dinner, may change)
Caesar Wrap from Real Food Daily
Potato Salad

2/27 (partial)

Salt Bagel with cream cheese
Some carrot sticks and ranch dip (birthday party at office today)
Small cupcake

Slice of zucchini pizza from Sullivan Street Bakery
Slice of pomodoro pizza, as above
Bag of Kettle Chips, Honey Dijon

Bag of Kettle Chips Krinkle Cuts, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper
(I know I shouldn't have two bags of potato chips, but I had a "snack attack.")


6 tacos, made from Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit, with shredded lettuce and Pace Medium taco sauce.
1/4 pint of Ben and Jerry's Mint Cookie ice cream

Monday, February 13, 2006


half-pint, Whole Foods minestrone soup
2 Whole Foods fried chicken drumsticks
Pineapple, 8 medium chunks
Reeses Pieces, several handfuls
Hanson's Natural Creamy Root Beer Soda (surpisingly good!)

3 Gorton's Fish Sticks
Baked potato
Premium Selects Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, 3 large scoops.