Monday, July 31, 2006

NYC, you're a fucking peach, 07/30

breakfast, Starbucks:
- tall vanilla latte
- low-fat blueberry coffee cake

- Canada Dry ginger ale

dinner, Saigon Grill on the west side:
- 3 shrimp summer roll pieces
- beef melody
- white rice
- some bites of noodles with chicken and vegetables
- more antibiotics and drugs to combat disgusting, horrible bedbug bites
For all its hype, I thought SG was eh.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Friday the Twenty-Eighth of July, and Saturday the Twenty-Ninth of July

raisin bran with 1% milk
coffee, 3 cups

1 pink lady apple

mushroom risotto, recipe from Nigella Lawson
tuscan bread

2 eggs overeasy
3 breakfast sausages

2 pierogies and half a bowl of German potato salad at Redbeard's
1 Moosehead

1 gin martini
robust russet chips from Cape Cod
bread (I made a crisp sandwich with one of the slices...butter, bread, folded over a bunch of potato chips)

roasted eggplant curry
half a bottle of Guenoc Cabernet Sauvignon

gooseberry fool

Saturday, July 29, 2006



Ramen chicken flavored instant noodles

Orange Gatorade

Market curry noodles with chicken -- I don't know what "market" refers to.
Thai iced tea

Black and White
2 Black and White Blonde Ales

Some Miller lite


Iced tea
I guess I've been doing the one big meal a day thing without realizing it recently. I don't think it is a very healthy way to eat.

Virgil's BBQ
One of Jost's Trash Riblets -- Have you met this guy? He'll eat anything!
Combo: Ribs, brisket, cole slaw, cheesy grits, corn bread

San Loco
Some lime margarita
Some mango margarita -- This was the greatest/worst idea we've had in awhile.

Grassroots Tavern
Some beer (Bud lite?)
1 shot whiskey

Friday, July 28, 2006

New cocktail

Yesterday at cocktail hour I devised something new:
1 part fresh-squeezed orange juice
1 part 7-Up
1 part chilled Boru vodka.

Serve over ice in a highball glass for summer refreshment.

Wednesday and Thursday Zach


Lunch w/Rich's mom Gail Winston @ Cafe Un Deux Trois
Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries and an OJ. Thanks Simon's mom!

Chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate milk. Oyster crackers.

2 pieces of cheese pizza @ Stromboli

Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds


1 piece of some kind of beef, and 1 sliver of grilled chicken, plus some broccoli, OJ, cookie, crackers, choc. milk.
3 ritz crackers.

Some chicken and baguette w/ olive oil. A few of John's fries. OJ. Cookies'n'Creme Edy's.

I won't be posting for a little bit, because I'll be in L.A. See you there LAFFs!

Thursday the Twenty-Eighth of July


leftover beans and rice

Spicy Thai kettle chips

cabernet sauvignon, half a bottle
rotelle pasta with homemade tomato sauce

Drinks at Harris Grille:
1 golden monkey
3 yuenglings

2006 July 27

28oz iced coffee (too much)
Canada Dry ginger ale, Sweet and Salty Peanut, iced oatmeal cookies
Chardonnay, Brahma
Two Budweiser
Two Miller Lite

Thursday, July 27, 2006

6th St. DC&MC

What an awful failure on my part to report this dinner! But, as we shall see, it was an act of culinary archaeology to sort it all out. Strach was chef, and what a feast it was.

The theme was Mystery. All courses were consummed blindfolded.

(Beforehand, I concoted a preprandial cocktail of (5) kiwis, (1.5) cucumbers, (2 slices) ginger, (juice of 1) lemon, and (1 bottle) Smirnoff, dubbed "Pastures of Wellington." I recommend this summer cooler, well blended with ice, with a thin slice of cucumber as garnish.)

Cocktail Appetizer
I guessed: Cheddar on toast
It was: Brie on toast

Salad Course:
I guessed: Spinach? With a thing?
It was: Arugula, with a soy sauce, seasmae seed, ginger, and vinegar as dressing.

Soup Course:
I guessed: Asparagus
It was: Zucchini with fresh thyme

I guessed: Too drunk to guess.
It was: Red snapper, beer poached, with cous cous and orange pepper.

I guessed: Bourbon and vanilla ice cream and pie
It was: Bourbon pie, with vanilla ice cream and toffee in a graham cracker crust.

Postprandial cocktail:
Salad dressing, lemonade, and vodka.

This Week


Brownie -- I guess I just sort of ate brownies all day.

Naked Fish
2 Budweisers
Grilled tuna, plaintains, coconut rice
My uncle, who was visting, told me that Budweiser is a real working man's beer. I didn't think Naked Fish was very good, especially for the price.


Grilled cheese with tomato on some kind of whole wheat nut bread my sister likes -- This was a good grilled cheese.

Il Capriccio
Pinot Nero
Gnocchi with short ribs
Roasted duck, summer vegetables, polenta
A couple bites of a chocolate cake dessert with caramel ice cream

7.26.06, Back to New York

Roche Bros.' ready made spicy salmon roll and salmon and avocado roll

Holy Basil
Thai iced tea
Chicken pad see ew

Blue and Gold
Blue and golds

1 slice fresh mozz, tomato, basil

Coyote Ugly
On our way home I tried to get us to fight some guy who was standing outside of Coyote Ugly talking on his cellphone and giving us the finger and saying that this was his bar or something. Apparently I was most angry that he was talking on his cellphone.

Wednesday, 7/26

One sugar-covered donut, one chocolate-covered donut
One bottle of orange juice
One piece of folded-up cold-cut roast beef, with a hint of fancy mustard
Four Jack In The Box chicken breast pieces w/ house buttermilk sauce
One Jack In The Box chocolate shake w/ WHIPPED CREAM AND A CHERRY~!
Two spoonfuls of macaroni & cheese
One piece of fresh-baked cornbread
One mint-chocolate Pria bar
One small bag of Chex Mix
One bowlful of slightly stale Cheez-Its
7 Bud Lights

I thought I handled Wednesday pretty well, all things considered.


PB&J on wheat
Rold Gold cheddar flavored pretzels
Canada Dry ginger ale

dinner, Delizia:
1 bowl stracciatella
few bites garden salad
1 slice fresh tomatoes pizza

probably more ginger ale
I've also consumed about 30 antihistamine pills in the past week to combat horrible bug bites.

2006 July 26

Dunkin' Donuts sausage egg cheese on croissant large coconut iced coffee
52oz lemon lime Gatorade Grand Sichuan chicken mixed vegetables vegetable roll vegetable fried rice AriZona Rx Energy drink
Mo Pitkin's Brooklyn IPA 2 Blue & Gold lagers Large poutine probably about 7 more Blue & Gold lagers or so who knows

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday the Twenty-Sixth of July

Some sort of lowfat special K, vanilla flavored with almonds
about 5 cups of coffee, though this was spread out over a 4.5 hour period

Leftover Chinese from Great Wall:
general tso's chicken
kung pao chicken

black beans and rice, with diced tomatoes (from a can), chopped carrots, & chopped celery.
I had no onions in the house (!!!) so this was a pretty half-assed effort and didn't taste as good as normal.

My inamorato arrives tomorrow, thus my cooking should become a bit more interested/varied, hopefully.

Monday and Tuesday, ZK

Turkey sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, oyster crackers, OJ, chocolate milk.
Gatorade Orange.
Penne w/pollo from Orologio. OJ.

Grilled chicken, lettuce, cookie, white roll w/pesto, oyster crackers, chocolate milk, OJ.
1 gala apple.
Rotisserie chicken, green beans (I cooked these myself, making them the first thing I've ever cooked), some baguette, OJ, Edy's Cookies 'n Creme.

2006 July 25

Amy's Manhattan breakfast - prosciutto, Semolina raisin, blueberry preserves, etc
Three peanut butters & jelly
Two cups milk
Thomas's everything bagel with cream cheese
Berry punch

2006 July 24

Subway Ham and Turkey Breast - (Honey Oat rather than Italian Herbs and Cheese, this time, a horrible mistake I still regret)
AriZona Rx Energy
Utz Carolina Barbecue potato chips
Roast lamb on pita

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Had a long, boring work day; on such days, I'm inevitably going to snack heavily. To counteract this, I try to de-emphasize the idea of having full-fledged meals.

1 bottle of Arrowhead water w/ raspberry-flavored Emergen-C; 6-8 bottles of Arrowhead w/o additives
1 bowl of Cocoa Krispies w/ skim milk
1 small bag of salted pistachios
1 small bag of honey-roasted peanuts
1 cup of skim milk
3 mint-chocolate Pria bars
1/2 of a Newsroom order of eggs, onion & chicken sausage w/ generous amounts of ketchup
1 piece of wheat bread, 1 piece of sourdough
1 fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie
3 Red Vines
1/3 of a Rainbow Nerd Rope (approx.)
1 small bag of Cheetos
3 bottles of Bud Light

I'm fired, aren't I?

Jury Duty!

#5 combo, egg removed

#1 combo (meatball marinara) with green peppers & pepperjack cheese
2 chocolate chip cookies
Barq's root beer

Cocktail Hour:

2 Sapporos
6 Trader Joe's mini beef tacos with salsa

Dinner, Farmer's Market, Chinese place on the east end:
Black pepper chicken
lo mein
fortune cookie ("Peace of mind is restored by talking to an old friend")

I am guilty . . . of sloppy eating!


Boca spicy chick'n patty on kaiser roll with provolone and ketchup
banana flavored applesauce -- not sure why this exists

dinner, East River Cafe(?)
bread with a kind of tomatoey olive tapenade
1/2 Insalata L'Originalle
Spaghetti al Pomodora fresca

Canada Dry ginger ale

New Reporter

Greetings, folks -- I'm some dude. Not a sophisticated eater, but what I lack in taste and charm, I make up for in sheer quantity of consumption.

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?
I had a full-sized Twix yesterday. Obviously reasonable people can disagree on whether a pair of slender Twix bars equals one candy bar; I'll count it, though.

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?
I tend to only be more and more accepting of foods astime goes on, but I don't quite have the patience for Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion chips that I used to. I still eat them sometimes, but the greasy feeling afterwards no longer feels particularly worth it.

What is a recent food impulse buy which you regretted? Which you were delighted by?
Recent regret would be the Burger King meal I had at the San Jose Airport on Sunday: the Angus Steak Burger, with a side of onion rings and a Hershey's chocolate milk. I figured I should give Burger King one more try, and had predictably assy results. The Hershey's was excellent, though, and will serve as my answer to the second question.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?
I'm guessing that I'm the least capable food preparer in the history of this blog. However, I once cobbled together some tuna with some Kraft mac 'n cheese that made me feel pretty much like a genius.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?
He's not a frequent contributor, but I might have to go with Warburton -- I just feel like we're on the same wavelength food-wise.

What food staple would it be most difficult for you remove from your diet?
I drink a lot more water than most people, but that surely can't count... probably red meat. I've sworn off of it more than once, full of healthy thoughts and good intentions, only to slink back within a day or two.

If I told you that you could only eat one of the following for the rest of your life, but you could always get whatever you chose as fresh and as good as possible, which would you choose? Also, assume that whichever you chose would be seedless: (1) Oranges (2) Clementines (3) Tangerines
Tangerines, but I could do without all of these fairly easily. Generally I prefer artificial fruit flavoring to actual fruit. I'm not proud ofthis.

Also, do you prefer plastic wrap or aluminum foil?
Foil, as it creates more of a feeling of anticipation. Also, I mistakenly attribute superior keeping powers to the foil, because I have a lot of faith in machines and metallic things.

When and how did you learn to cook?
Still not really there yet. My ladyfriend and I started a tradition of cooking together every Sunday over the past year, partly in an effort to get my culinary feet wet. Was always a nice time, and the food was great, but I inevitably zoned out and left most of the work to her. Another thing I'm not proud of.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Boston, Cambridge, New York, LA.
I'm not intimately familiar with the restaurant options in the first two cities. I once accompanied Koh and others to a place called (I think) Frank's Steakhouse, where I had an awesome butter-cooked T-Bone. Whether this was in Boston or Cambridge, I'm not sure... anyway, I'd go for another round of that.

New York: again, I'm limited mainly to the places Koh has taken me, and most of them are the ESPNZone in Times Square. I'll go with two liberally ketchuped dogs and a pina colada from Gray's Papaya. Delish, and very evocative of NY to me.

LA: Fogo de Chao on La Cienega, a Brazilian place where they bring around enormous hunks of animal for you to sample. Thirteen kinds of meat, excellent salad bar, a rare fancy place with an all-you-can-eat format... the total package. Delicious and fun.

Name a fruit, meat, soda, and candy you despise.
Meat: Ham and uncooked turkey bore me to no end.
Soda: I barely drink any soda, actually -- never cottoned to carbonation. I probably hate sparklingwater more than any soda.
Candy: Red-Hots. Good luck to them, but not for me.

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner.

Where will you go, what will you have?
Japan, and a bunch of stuff. Love sushi, love udon, love tsunomono salad,l ove all of it. Plus I'd like to explore the whole Kobe beef thing.

Do you have any well-loved or detested cookbooks?
I enjoyed the Achewood Cookbook as a reading experience. Beyond that, I'm too much of a newbie to have opinions.

Name a food that evokes a strong memory of a particular time and place in your life.
SoBe drinks of all flavors take me back to senior year of college, as I used to get one every night in thedining hall. SoBe is overpriced and pretty terrible, but I'm a real sucker for lofty rhetoric in healthy-ish drinks. I'd actually buy the "Wisdom" flavor if I was studying, "Energy" if I was tired, etc.

What is your relationship to caffeine?
Basically don't touch the stuff. I drank coffee every morning in seventh and eighth grade, I guess in an effort to imitate my dad; I quit, though, as I was worried about stunting my worth. Since I don't drink soda either, I almost never have caffeine now, and it gives me a moderate headache when I do.

What is the best burger you've ever had?
In junior high, I went on vacation to the Virgin Islands with a friend and his family. We ate at a restaurant in St. Bart's where I had a burger on two pieces of burger-shaped garlic bread. Such a simple concept, but it blew me away, and I haven't had anything to approach it since.

I have a food replicator from Star Trek Next Generation, what do you order and how do you order it?
A pepperoni roll from Michaelangelo's Pizza in New Haven -- essentially some baked bread with several dozen slices of 'roni embedded in the crust. I'd also order my usual accompaniments, a bag of Andy Capp's Hot Fries and a bottle of Nesquik.

Which comic book character would you most like to cook a meal for you? For which comic book character would you most like to cook a meal?
I'd want Gambit to cook for me, as I like Cajun food and I figure his powers might somehow tangentially aid his cooking. I think I'd like to cook for Clayface, just to see how the process of him eating works.

Are there any foods that would receive an f- grade from you?
Goat cheese, feta cheese, a number of other fancy cheeses, and olives. Yeah, you heard me. I didn'tcome here to make friends.

Describe a work of art that inspired or affected your eating.
Like a lot of people, I think I became more actively engaged in eating after seeing the prison scenes in "Goodfellas". That's some stuff right there.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?
I think She-Hubbs would be the right mix of good 'n good for ya. She mixes it up effectively.

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?
Yoo-Hoo. Love the stuff, but I still don't get why they went that way with it. The folly of Vanilla Yoo-Hoo would be a nice story to keep things going in the second half.

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?
Probably all of it, really. If I start eating, I'll only stop if I either finish everything in front of me or if I'm in actual pain.

What are your favorite beers? What are your favorite wines? What are your favorite liquors? What are your favorite cocktails? Do you feel that you have a signature drink? If a FoodFriend ever had to order a drink for you while you were in the restroom, what drink should they order?
Amstel, Bass, Newcastle, Fat Tire and good ol' Miller Lite on the beer front. I prefer red wine to white, but am not savvy about specifics. And I'm a downright fool for sugary, girly liquors and drinks: Bailey's, Kahlua, fruity martinis. I am a White Russian guy above all else, and roundly mocked for it; if I'm peeing, please be a FoodFriend and order me one.

If you are a smoker, how does smoking affect your meals? Do you eat less? If you finish what you consider a very good dinner, how important is a post-prandial cigarette to you?
Not a tobacco smoker. Other smokeables increase my appetite in the way that you might expect.

Have you ever eaten food or consumed a beverage> while making love?
No -- I spill enough as it is.

Last question: What is your favorite food?
I have far too many delicious little sons and daughters in the food world to ever answer this question.


Guest Reporting continues, with OwenE. For those who don't know, Owen went to high school with FoodHater Kwang, and he rides with us in LA. He eats a lot and with enthusiasm. He'll go to Chiptole, and then totally get a shake at Johnny Rocket's. He will tell us what you need to eat in order to be a professional wrestler or at the very least a committed wrestling fan.

2006 July 23

Flat Patties - Bacon cheeseburger, fries, also some of a stranger's leftover fries
7 Eleven - Super Big Gulp, IBC root beer

McDonald's - 6 piece McNuggets Mighty McKids meal

Nestea iced tea, Oriental flavored Top ramen

Although this is certainly not the first time that Koh and I both bought 6 piece McNuggets Mighty McKids meals from McDonalds on a road trip, it is the first time we noticed afterwards that we both had mustaches.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend Eats

7.21.06 -- Last Day of Work

Farewell Lunch for Me @ Alto

Herbed Spaetzle with braised rabbit, some kind of foam
Striped sea bass with summer vegetables, spicy potato and onion relish
Chocolate ganache, marinated cherries
Thanks Common Good, and thanks restaurant week.

Burger with cheddar, sauteed mushrooms
Salad with carrot dressing

Blue and Gold

Jens Lekman @ Bowery Ballroom
Stella Artois


Penn Station Dunkin Donuts
Chocolate donut

Boston Soup Factory (I may have made up this name)
Artichoke Bisque
Sandwich with tomato, mozzarella, greens

Roasted tenderloin
Corn salad
This was a pretty fun dinner, my dad did a great job with the beef, even though he almost never eats red meat. I did the Barefoot Contessa corn salad again and some bruschetta. We shared three bottles of wine between the four of us (Inniskillin is an icewine). Mom and dad fell asleep almost immediately.

44 Bow Street
Maker's Mark


Flat Patties
Cheeseburger with mushrooms

Unaju don (eel over rice)

Some brownies.

2006 July 22

Orange juice
Orange Gatorade
Several lychee nuts

part of Koh's lemon popsicle, two frosted strawberry Pop Tarts, Sweet and Salty Nut - almond, Fritos
The bus did not stop at a real restaurant

Four rum-margaritas
Dark and stormy
Bud Light
Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin
Crostini and chevre, brie, strawberries, stuffed peppers, pita chips with tahini, and various other antipasti
Several more drinks, including, I believe, two more darks and stormy, a can of Natural Ice, a can of Natural Light, one more can of Natural brand beer the precise nature of which I did not investigate too thoroughly, a can of Guinness, and I might guess a few more. Also, more cheese.

Thursday to Sunday, ZK


Grilled chicken, broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/ pesto, OJ, chocolate milk, oyster crackers, chocolate chip cookie.

1 brownie.
5 ritz crackers.
1 gala apple.

Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries from Odessa. OJ. Ice cream.


Turkey sandwich, OJ, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk, oyster crackers. A roll. 1 gala apple.

Ice cream. Chicken kabob from "The Lite Touch." I got their homemade pita this time (although I had previously vowed never to go to this place again) and it was pretty fine. OJ.


Package of vanilla snackwells at rest-stop on way to Boston. There were only vending machines at this shitty reststop.

Slice of cheese pizza at Pinocchio's.

@ the Lampoon
Many crostini. Some pieces of baguette. About 20 teriyaki chicken wings. 2 glasses of champagne. A lot of beers. Some shots.


Chicken satay from Spice. Plus white rice.
Oreo milkshake from Herrell's. This totally blew.
Slice of cheese pizza from Pinocchio's.
Slice of cheese pizza from Vinny Vincenz. OJ.

2006 July 21

King's Hawaiian Sweet Roll
Two slices pepperoni pizza, two to three slices of cheese pizza
Mountain Dew Code Red
Bite Me Best - one slice white pizza, one slice "bruschetta" pizza

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Very early morning:
Frozen pizza
Trader Joe's mini beef tacos
2 Sapporos

Orange Gatorade

4 chicken tacos, medium salsa, cheese, lettuce.
Chips & Guac
Iced tea

Farmer's Market:
1 glass Fat Tire
2 glasses Sierra Nevada
Philly cheesesteak combo from Phil's

1 7 Up and Tito's Vodka


Mandarin Noodle House
Spicy beef noodle soup with spinach
Pork dumplings
Pickled cucumber
Cold tofu salad

Spinach, shrimp and avocado salad
Some squash thing
Chips and four different salsas
Three al pastor soft tacos
One chicken soft taco
Two Dos Equis lagers

Samuel Adams Light
Bud Light

See comments section for off-topic celebrity sightings at Malo.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Gardenburger sun-dried tomato & basil patty with provolone on a kaiser bun.
I expected this to taste like ass, but it was actually decent.
Newman's Own Lemonade

some honey-mustard pretzels
some California pitted dates

dinner, El Centro(?) at Grand Central:
combination platter with shrimp dumplings, buffalo wings, fried calamari, chicken rolls with dipping sauces
2 of Koh's fries
23.5 oz Hefeweizen

What I Ate in Japan


Dinner - Ninja Restaurant


Breakfast - Hotel at Shinagawa
sweet red beans
brown rice porrige w/ scallions
miso soup w/ tofu and wakame
poached egg in broth
swiss chard
umeboshi (pickled plum)
brown tea

Lunch - Shinjuki
Chicken Soba



Breakfast - Sushi Dai, Tsukiji Fish Market
sweetened egg omelet
green tea
flounder (hirame) w/ salt and lime
sea orchin
kimedai (red snapper)
miso soup with fish
hokkigai (clam)
sawara w/ ponzu
maguro marinated in soy sauce
agi (horse mackeral)
shiruedi (white shrimp)
tarako negitoro (roe, toro, scallions) wrapped in seaweed
eel w/ teriyaki

Lunch - Ginza
spicy ramen

Cream Cheese Roasted Chicken Sub at Subway


Breakfast - Train to Nagoya
blueberry danish
Bento box
pocari sweat

Hitsu-mabushi (eel)

shrimp tempura udon


Packaged fried pork and cucumber sandwiches from store at train station

On train
Gerard Mulot butter cookies
chocolate eclair

Snacks - Asakusa
soft roasted rice cracker

Hoppy mixed w/ Sake

Dinner - Harajuku
Strawberry crepe with strawberry ice cream and whipped cream

Monday - Tokyo Disneyland

roasted turkey leg
churro w/ chocolate
tiramisu ice cream sandwich

beef tacos with lettuce

Walking Around
assorted nuts

slice of bacon pizza


Lunch- Norita Airport
teriyaki chicken
mineral water

7.20.06 -- Grandma Dinner


Lemon yogurt
Baby carrots
Chocolate Pudding
Valencia Orange

Glass cabernet sauvignon
From the kitchen: cheese puff, marinated eggplant, carrot soup
"Heirloom tomato sandwich" -- This was 5 or 6 layers alternating between raw heirloom tomatoes and lightly breaded and fried green tomatoes in a flavored oil and aioli with what I think was black mint and baby basil. It was good.
Pea carbonara -- Fresh peas and pods, pancetta, poached egg and fresh egg fettucine
Glass of Viognier
Monkfish in lobster and pea sauce, butter potatoes, some kind of greens
Buttermilk panna cotta with rhubarb sorbet and sesame tuile in rhubarb soup -- The sesame crisp was actually what made this dish work.

There was a lot to like about this restaurant. Bill Telepan is into fresh, greenmarket ingredients, so he uses light, clean sauces and flavors. You also can do a larger number of smaller courses like we did. This all meant that you left not hungry but also not feeling disgusting and full on a humid night. I had been wanting to try this place, but don't like to pressure my grandmother into nice meals that she may or may not like. Luckily, one of my grandmother's bridge partners recommended it, so she was excited to try it.

2006 July 20

McDonald's #5
Milk, PBJ, Xtreme Cheddar Goldfish, PBJ, Milk
Art - Brooklyn Pennant Ale, Spritzer, wine, Heineken, Wine, Part of a Corona
Pat O'Brien's - Five or maybe six Coors Lites
A+B at Sin-é - Red Stripe
Home - part of a Boru and seltzer

Twentieth of July

3 cups coffee
1 bowl of raisin bran with blueberries and skim milk

1 PB&J
1 pink lady apple
1 plum, eaten later

risotto milanese -- This was good, though I had no chicken stock and thus it was not as rich as it could have been.

3 turkish figs

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Last Day, New York

Mocha Frappuccino

Some blueberries

JFK Airport Bar:
1 glass, white wine

Delta Flight 1843:
Cheese and crackers
2 glasses, white wine
After my second glass of wine, I fell asleep. I woke up to find myself trying to snuggle up to the ~19-year-old girl sitting next to me. If memory serves, she was resistant at first, but then decided to roll with it. Long story short: I'm awesome.

Los Angeles:
Spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers
1 Red Stripe

I'm back and I missed me

A full recount is impossible, but on 07/16, I went to DB Bistro Moderne, Daniel Boulud's cheaper-ish restaurant, and had the "Sundays in Alsace" prix fixe menu:

- A starter, Petit Farci Nicois(?). What I'm guessing was tuna, but tasted almost like sausage, stuffed in baby summer squashes, with an arugula and fennel salad.
- halibut with shrimp, squid, and fettucine in a butter sauce -- probably the best-cooked fish I've ever had.
- chocolate and hazelnut tart
- some petit fours
- qt. liter of sauvingon blanc
also bites of He-Hubbs's
- flammenkuche, which turned out to be a fancy ham and cheese pizza
- pancetta
- strawberry tart
- sip of DB Fizz, a ridiculously expensive gin & tonic topped with cucumber foam.

At some point I also had a Blue Moon draft at the Auction House. This beer tastes to me like creamy butter. It is exactly what I imagined the students of Hogwarts to be drinking when they ordered butterbeers.



Strawberry yogurt
Baby Carrots
Chocolate pudding
Valencia Orange

Caracas Arepa Bar
Empanada w/ shredded beef, plaintains, cheese
Arepa w/ leeks, mushrooms, cheese
I am not sad that I tried it, but, Sly, you were right, the empanadas are not as good as the arepas. I think the issue is that if you are going to fry a food, it better be really fucking tasty, but this was just ok. Anyway, I still like this place even though it strangely never makes me very full even though I'm pretty sure I'm eating a lot. Not feeling too full is a good thing, but not when it makes you eat more stuff that you don't want to.

Edy's mint chocolate chip ice cream

1 Smithwick's
Some beers (Miller lite I guess?)

2006 July 19

Much lemon lime Gatorade
Roasted lamb with yellow rice and salad
Large Dunkin Donuts Coconut iced coffee
Dunkin Donuts Boston kreme donut - (the only word spelled properly in the preceding phrase is "Boston")

Party at my old office
Some tortilla chips, black and white, with some guacamole and some white bean spread
Four margaritas, during the second, I was asked to participate in a "toast" which entailed me doing a shot of tequila. Not particularly interested in "shooting" tequila, I poured it into my drink, rendering a previously passable drink disgusting.
I also had a Yellow Tail chardonnay

About four Miller Lites or something.

Boru and seltzer

The Nineteenth of July, or #949

Raisin bran with blueberries and skim milk
2.5 cups coffee

Indian food from Sree's:
Tamarind Chicken
chickpea and potato curry
1 not-hot-enough samosa that was pretty doughy
Upon returning to work, a friend of mine asked me where I went to get lunch. When I said Indian, he said, "Oh, at Shree's." This reminded me that I heard from a fairly reliable source that sibilants in Indian languages are pronounced "sh". I'm not sure if this guy knew this and pronounced it correctly on purpose, or just felicitously mispronounced it correctly.

half a bag of spicy Thai kettle chips while watching Liza with a Z. I have to say, both were fantastic.

leftover daal and rice from 17 VII

at Harris Grille:
1 IPA, the name of which I forget
1 Doghead 60 Min IPA
1 yuengling

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In Step With: SC

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?
A Three Musketeers, probably two weeks ago. This happens not infrequently – there are ample candy bars at work, where I eat out of boredom rather than desire. But in recent years I find my dessert tastes have advanced, and straightforward candy bars taste cheap and artificial to me.

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?
Bologna. Hot dogs (still like them, but it’s a tonnage issue; there were spans in my boyhood when I ate five a week, which is revolting). Imitation maple syrup.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Boston, Cambridge, New York, LA.
Boston: Locke-Ober. I would get the lobster bisque, a steak, and Indian pudding. Or Dom’s. I once had a Dom’s a dish that was four cuts of different meat in sauce over pasta, with some roasted red peppers as an appetizer, and it was astoundingly good.
Cambridge: When there I try to go to Bartley’s and Noch’s. Usually I achieve this, getting a bacon cheeseburger (“Ted Kennedy”?) and a Reese’s peanut butter cup milkshake at the former, and two slices of Sicilian sausage at the latter. Lately I’ve ended up at Flat Patties a lot.
New York: This circumstance happened in May, and I went to Max without regret.
Los Angeles: Campanile for brunch, or Café Midi at American Rag for lunch.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?
On St. Patrick’s Day, I prepared a batch of Home Browns hash browns. The way the salty potatoes soaked up the whiskey was glorious and speaks to the genius of the Celtic race.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?
MattPod. He seems thoughtful about food and willing to take into consideration my personal taste quirks. I copied MMW’s diet one day and felt pretty great, so he’d be good too.

What are the shows you watch the most on Food Network? What are your thoughts on: Rachael Rae, Alton Brown, Nigella Lawson?
I rarely watch Food Network – I find the pace of cooking shows glacial, and I don't like seeing food I can't eat. You should be able to press a button and they bring you that food and it costs ten dollars. I bet Food Network would be fun to watch in HD, however.
I like Rachael Ray. She has the charm of a goofy aunt. Interested parties should cf. Samantha Brown, host of “Great Hotels,” for a similar sexlessly appealing lady. Ray's genius is her willingness to accept that Americans still want to eat sloppy joes, but they can be convinced to put basil in them. On the other hand, every time I’ve seen a "$40 A Day" in a town where I’ve been, she goes to the most comically obvious places. I think in the end America will resist the desperate effort to make her a huge celebrity.

Alton Brown seems fine. V. makes a good case.
I want to fall asleep in Nigella Lawson’s arms. No opinion on her chefing.

What food staple would it be most difficult for you remove from your diet?

If I told you that you could only eat one of the following for the rest of your life, but you could always get whatever you chose as fresh and as good as possible, which would you choose? Also, assume that whichever you chose would be seedless. 1. Oranges 2. Clementines 3. Tangerines
Clementines, bearing in mind this Twilight Zone paradox – the joy of clementines is that you’re never sure how good one is going to be. The pleasure of discovering a great one would be stolen from you in this scenario. In time they would grow as tiresome as oranges.

Name a fruit, meat, soda, and candy you despise.
Cantelope, pork chops, diet soda, Butterfinger.

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner. Where will you go, what will you have?I would find the best place to go in northern Italy, and have whatever they’re making plus lots of wine. But wrap it up to go, fellas, because I'm eating it on the moon.

Name a food that evokes a strong memory of a particular time and place in your life.
Progresso vegetable soup reminds me of how I used to eat a can of it after every day’s work at a summer day camp. Why I ate soup in the summer I’ll never know. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle reminds me of Hillside Elementary School.

What is your relationship to caffeine?
Caffeine has power for me, and I try to apply it carefully. I enjoy the ritual and taste of coffee. I have a coffee before going to work, and one on returning home. Sometimes I need an emergency dose.

What is the best burger you've ever had?
The worst burger I ever had was at Flight 151.

I have a food replicator from Star Trek Next Generation, what do you order and how do you order it?
Once Troi ordered a “perfect hot fudge sundae.” It might be fun to give the replicator a vague command and see what it does. Can the replicator make food from the past? I would get terrapin soup and a steak from Delmonico’s circa 1860. Imagine how much gamier steak must have been back then!

are there any foods that would receive an f- grade from you?
Cottage cheese.

Describe a work of art that inspired or affected your eating.
Anthony Bourdain’s description in KC of eating merguez during a busy shift made that sound delicious, so I stepped up my merguez eating. As a kid I used to drink Coke over ice out of a highball glass because I saw awesome guys in movies drink Scotch. Every time I see Goodfellas I resolve to slice garlic with a razorblade, but never do. "Cannery Row" by John Steinbeck left me wanting to try a beer milkshake.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?
MMW or Murbles. Their lifestyle of beer and massages replicates that of Kobe beef cows.

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?
Sugar. Why do we like it so much? When it first spread in Europe, did it blow everyone's mind? Other good food books would be: An alt-history book about how European cuisine would have evolved without New World arrivals like potatoes and tomatoes. A book about how people spaced out their eating in different times and cultures. A book about how alcohol used to serve the function caffeine does now.

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?
Trash noodles. Kraft Mac & Cheese. KFC.

What was your favorite meal in the Harvard dining halls?
Country-fried steak. Also, the days when they had clam chowder and popcorn chicken and potato wedges all at once for lunch. I would not travel beyond 3rd & Fairfax for this. I would not pay more than $10.
I rarely ate breakfast, and consider it a ludicrous outrage that it wasn't kept available until at least noon.
For lunch I would have whatever they were offering, heavy on the potatoes, plus a hot dog or Chickwich, and a salad that was mostly cucumbers.
For dinner I would have pasta, maybe three bites of the main meat, salad, potatoes, maybe a hot dog, and like three pieces of cake.

What are your favorite beers? What are your favorite wines? What are your favorite liquors? What are your favorite cocktails? Do you feel that you have a signature drink? If a FoodFriend ever had to order a drink for you while you were in the restroom, what drink should they order?
Beer: Moosehead. I also like the Japanese beers.
Wine: they're all good, I like whites, esp. riesling.
Liquor: Jameson. I am also partial to Scotch. Knob Creek bourbon has won me over recently. The only liquor I hate is tequila.
Cocktail: anything. I enjoy experimentation.
Bathroom: Order me whatever you're having, friend.

If you are a smoker, how does smoking affect your meals? Do you eat less? If you finish what you consider a very good dinner, how important is a post-prandial cigarette to you?
At a recent 6th Street DC&MC dinner, I included a cigarette course, and I think the break this provided was nice. I don't care for tobacco, but I respect the aesthetics of smoking and the pleasure of fire-starting.

What is the most expensive food you have ever eaten?

Have you ever eaten food or consumed a beverage while making love?


Ideally, how should society structure eating?
Six small meals a day.

Last question: What is your favorite food?
Lasagna with meat. TRIVIA: Lasagna is wildly popular in Ireland. Even the remotest pubs on western islands and mountainous peninsulas will have it on the menu. It will be a slurry of beef, cheese, tomatoes, and whatever else the proprietor sees fit to throw in (carrots).

Day 4, New York

Egg whites
4 slices wheat toast
A few bites of hashbrowns

Hummus & Pita from Turkish Cuisine (This is my favorite restaurant hummus)
Diet Dr. Pepper

Part of a slice of cheese pizza

Bread and caponata
Bites of roasted vegetables
Pan seared cod
Bite of everyone else's food

I think I mis-ordered. My cod was not great, but everyone else's food was good.

Another Anthony Tuesday, ZK


So many carbs today!

Grilled chicken, lettuce, broccoli, 2 white rolls w/ pesto, cookie, chocolate milk, oyster crackers, OJ.

1 gala apple.
Some chips and salsa.

@ Max
A ton of bread.
Penne al Pomodoro

1 scoop of shit footprints.
Some fudge.
1 scoop of Mattpod's mint chocolate chip ice cream to "wind down."



Vanilla yogurt
Baby carrots
Chocolate pudding
Valencia orange

Gatorade Fierce Berry

Fettucine with lamb ragu
This was great. The gazpacho was perfect for a hot day and a little spicy and the fettucine was clearly freshly made. It was even better than the last time I went to Max.

2006 July 18

Amy's Country Breakfast with raspberry jam
Sullivan Street pancetta, mango, and basil
AriZona Rx Energy
A & C Kitchen General Tso's chicken and pork fried rice

Truth be told, I didn't really need the Health Department to tell me that A & C Kitchen is a not completely hygeinic environment.

Eighteenth of July

plain yogurt with banana, blueberries, and honey
2.5 cups coffee

PB&J -- chunky, stawberry, cracked wheat
1 pink lady apple

leftover pasta from 15 VII
some Spicy Thai flavored kettle chips
leftover daal from 18 VII with rice

3 20oz bud lights at William Penn Tavern
1 bottle of Wolaver's IPA at Pittsburgh Deli Co.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When my troubles seemed so far away

Breakfast/ Lunch
Club 331:
* 2 slices of leftover Damianos pepperoni pizza (eaten cold)

Club 331:
* 2 slices of leftover Damianos pepperoni pizza (eaten cold)
* Few pieces Trader Joes pre-sliced mango (passable but could have been riper)

Club 331:
* Two tumblers Dewars on ice
* One slice leftover Damianos pepperoni pizza (eaten cold)

My only regret was soiling the perfect day of eating with the mango slices.

Day 3, New York

Go Lean Crunch

Granola bar
Diet Coke

Black bean soup from Burritoville

1 Michelob Ultra

M.J. Armstrong's:
Half a vegetable sandwiches
1 glass viognier
2 glasses white wine

I don't remember how many beers

Yesterday (Monday)

Scrambled eggs
Potatoes with onions and peppers

Jamba Juice

Strawberry's Wild (Immunity boost)

India's Oven
Tandoori chicken
Vegetable biryani
Lamb tikka masala
Daal makhni
Gobhi alu
Chicken vindalu
Channa masala

Part of a frozen yogurt sundae with caramel sauce

Two Days Ago (Sunday)

Ocean Star
Black tea
Shrimp dumpling (2)
Shumai (3)
Fried tofu (8)
Turnip cake
Chinese tamale
Tofu roll
Chicken bao
Chinese broccoli
Pan-fried rice noodle

Jamba Juice

Caribbean Passion (Immunity boost)
Part of a pizza protein stick
Part of a chocolate chip cookie

Fried egg and cheese sandwich


Pax Gourmet
Chicken parm pressata
Greek pita chips

Mango -- I was pretty thrilled with this purchase. It was perfectly ripe.

Gatorade mango electrico

Holy Basil
Chicken pad thai
Thai iced tea

Stuy Town
1 sip of Jost's pomegranate juice -- tasted vaguely of farts.

ZK, Monday


Turkey sandwich. OJ. 2 cookies. Chocolate milk. Oyster crackers. 2 Dove Promises. 1 Peppermint patty.

1 gala apple.

Chips and salsa.
Turkey sandwich.
A little bit of fudge.

Gatorade orange. 2 bites of shit footprints.

2006 July 17

Iced coffee, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, banana
AriZona Rx Energy, BLT
Slice of chocolate cake
52oz Gatorade Lemon Lime
Subway turkey breast and ham with chipotle dressing
Large Pommes Frites poutine
Golden cola champagne, OJ
Four Budweiser
Large coffee

the Seventeenth of July

2.5 cups coffee
raisin bran with skim and blueberries

ham and spinach sandwich on cracked wheat bread
1 pink lady apple
1 plum

1 china green tips tea from Starbucks

diced beets, cooked with mustard seeds and whole cumin, i.e. south indian style
daal with diced tomatoes
1 glass of sauvignon blanc

a few turkish figs

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friday the 13th! (14th)

1 tiny butterfinger

From SPARK (this place blows)
Artichoke with some sort of aioli dipping sauce
3 bites of Cobb salad (the main thing that distinguishes the Spark cobb from other cobbs i've had is that the Spark one has corn. That is also what makes this the worst cobb i've ever had.)

1 small box, lemonade-coated watermelon nerds
Some almonds
Some mango
Carrot juice

3 L water

Day 2, New York

Pom Juice

Hummus and salad pita sandwich from Chickpea
Diet Coke

Coffee chocolate ice cream

Cocktails at Johnson's:
Cheese and crackers
Bagel crisps
Hummus and pita chips
A chocolate cakey thing
3 Michelob Ultras
1 Budweiser Select

Blockheads, a bar I'm not certain really exists:
Chips and salsa
1 Strawberry Margarita
1 Mango Margarita
Sip of a black orchid (margarita + sangria)
Sip of a mojito

Blue and Gold:
1 Bud light
A few glasses Blue and Gold Lager

Walk home:
Bites of a spinach stromboli

I'd forgotten that when you live in New York and you walk home from bars, the probability of late night eating is very high. This probablility increases significantly when the person you are walking with is Jost and you pass any place that sells stromboli.

Opinion on dark chocolate

71% cacoa is the perfect percentage.

MCW, 7/16/06

Morning (Café Latte)

2 Pancakes w. maple syrup, two eggs fried over medium, two turkey sausage links, fried potatoes with peppers.


One lemonade from Wetzel’s pretzels at the 3rd Street Promenade.

Dinner (la Serenata de Garibaldi)

Chips and salsa.

Two pork enchiladas in green sauce, rice, black beans.

One house margarita.

Evening movie watching

Two glasses red wine.

Zachkay Returns, the Legend of Dupree


Xtina's Friends' Lunch @ Bryant Park (food from Zeyting's)
Smoked turkey on toasted sourdough bread, w/ carrots. OJ. 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies.

4 dark chocolate dove promises and 2 peppermint patties.

Chocolate milk. My bottle of chocolate syrup ran out, which means someone has been "sampling the services." (Sampling the Services is apparently what you have to say to get a free shoe-shine at the Harvard Club, so they know that you're a legitimate douche.)

6 ritz crackers at the Harvard Club. I hit Xtina pretty hard in the face with a squash ball. Despite what I might have told her at the time, she looked like "Two Face" from Batman for about 45 minutes.

Dinner @ Il Vagabondo
3 glasses of Il Principe straw Chianti.
1/2 chicken parmigiana and penne w/tomato sauce.
1 Peroni.
(We were served wine with no questions asked, but when we played bocce, 3 different people asked if we were over 18.)

@ Sophie's

@ Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds


1/2 plain bagel toasted w/ butter from David's Bagels
A little Gatorade Orange

@ Statnasty Jost's McStatMansion
6-10 donettes
2 grilled buns
2 bud lights.
Grilled chicken.

1/2 plain bagel while waiting for bus to ferry.

2 of Parker's tic-tacs.

2 pieces of John's leftover orange chicken. It was disgusting to the point that Xtina posited that it was probably pigeon meat, causing me to almost throw up at the thought of that. Oh god. That is really gross.

16 oz Coors Lite.
Some of Theresa Harvey's white wine.

20 oz Sapporo.
Bite of Xtina's Greek Pita bread.

Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds.


Chips and Salsa and chocolate milk.

1/2 chicken and arugula panini at panini place on 10th and 1st.
1/2 french chocolate croissant.
1/2 OJ.

@ Mary's Dairy
Vanilla soft-serve w/ hot fudge.

2 pieces of Xtina's flatbread from Orologio.

Penne al Pomodoro w/ chicken from Orologio, plus flatbread. OJ.

Disgusting ice water @ You, Me, and Dupree.

Blue and Gold
Blue and Golds.

Long Weekend

Thursday 7.13.06

Leftovers from 7.12.06 dinner

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches
Chicken sandwich

Hanger Bar

Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold

Friday 7.14.06

Bakery on 12th and A
Blueberry scone -- Their scones are softer than most scones and taste distinctly of sour cream and lemon. I think they are pretty good.
Blueberry streusel muffin

Picnic on Dube's Roof
Prosecco -- In addition to prosecco, Jost also brought some kind of fruit infused wine drink called Frutezia. I didn't try it but I think it had peach and nectarine juice. I only mention this to remind everyone that Jost continues to develop this ridiculous party persona.
Cabernet sauvignon
Humboldt fog chevre -- This is not exactly what it is called, but this is the cheese with ash running through it that I mentioned once before. I really like it.
Some kind of sheep's milk cheese from the Whole Foods trial-sized basket
Grilled chicken w/ toasted corn salsa
Mache salad
Rice and beans
Strawberries w/ creme fraiche, brown sugar
Thanks for a great meal, Caitlin.


Blue and Gold
Blue and gold?

Saturday 7.15.06

H & H Bagel
1/2 plain bagel
1/2 sesame bagel
I don't quite understand why everyone thinks these are so special. I'm pretty sure that the Bruegger's where roommate John used to work in Wellesley was more or less as good.

Doc's (Warren, CT)
Some burgundy
Some calamari
Some bruschetta
Some eggplant
Some Mozzarella, tomato, basil
Chicken marsala
Some blueberry desert
This wasn't very good.
Warren, CT Trivia:
(Q) What is apparently newsworthy about Warren, CT? (A) They are selling the town hall on eBay.
Bonus Warren, CT trivia:
(Q) What was the former name of Doc's? (A) Richie's.
Second bonus Warren, CT trivia:
(Q) Why didn't I swim in the lake? (A) It was sort of rainy.

Old English

Blue and Gold:
Blue and gold

Sunday 7.16.06

Panini Place on 1st
Italian croissant
Side salad + some tapenade

Farfalle w/ fresh corn, peas, gruyere

You, Me, and Dupree
Some handfuls of the Harveys' popcorn

Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold
I went to Blue and Gold everynight for the past 4 nights. Last night Noah (one of the bar tenders) asked me why he hadn't seen me around much. He then pointed to Zachkay and asked me to call him Zachula. I like that guy.

2006 July 16

Orange juice, Edy's Lime
Nicky's Classic
A Scanner Darkly - Large popcorn, large Cherry Coke
Bud Light


Sixteenth of July

tuscan bread, lightly toasted, with peanut butter and honey
3 cups coffee
some tuscan bread with hummus

vanilla milkshake

sauvignon blanc
tuscan bread with hummus
some carrots
leftover broccoli lemon pasta

some cherries

Get your eyeballs ready for what I ate on Sunday

Mani's Bakery:
* Breakfast sandwich on a croissant
* Side of fruit
* Mint lemonade

Diet Dr. Pepper (I'll replace this Strach!)
I hate the taste of soda, but it has been oddly muggy in LA the last few days and I wanted something cold and caffenated.

Bastille Day Celebration:
* Three grilled mergez links
* French fries
* Cup of white wine
The mergez was fine, but probably the worst I've had. Mergez has historically been one of my favorite sacs of meat.

Cup of refridgerated coffee
This gets me around the soda problems if I think to make and refridgerate the coffee far enough in advance.

Damiano's delivery:
* Three slices pepperoni pizza
My biggest complaint about LA dining is the lack of very late night dining options. After 1am, I'm pretty much forced to eat Canter's, Damiano's, or something I make myself. If I had time at 1am to be cooking, I'd be sleeping.

7/15 & 7/16

Breakfast/Lunch - KFC

Popcorn chicken combo
Large Pepsi
Order of mashed potatoes and gravy

Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Marinara
Trader Joe's Italian sausage
Green pepper sauteed in olive oil
2 glasses of red wine (Black Swan Shiraz, unmagnetized)
Vanilla ice cream
Some bites of dark chocolate


Some Cabot sharp cheddar on crackers

Sausage sandwich - Trader Joe's Italian sausage, sauteed green pepper, mozz, tomato marinara on a baguette
2 glasses red wine

Bastille Day Festival in Hancock Park
1 glass white wine
1 crepe "Le Sucre"
I ordered in French so well that the woman said a bunch of French to me that I didn't understand.

Whisper Lounge
1 Melon-tini
Bite of a Kobe beef slider
2 slices pizza

"The Devil Wears Prada"
Some M&Ms
Some Sprite

Sunday, July 16, 2006

MCW, 07/15/06


One Medium Starbucks coffee (TWISI #138, Jay Macinerney)

Lunch (Baskin-Robbins)

Chocolate bliss sundae (one scoop chocolate ice cream, one scoop chocolate mousse ice cream, brownie, heath bar, whipped cream, chocolate sauce)


One refill coffee (same TWISI)

Evening Malibu wedding party

Four little glasses of white wine

Four cheese slabs with cracker

1.5 pieces of shrimp sashimi rice thing

one shrimp.

Dinner (Marmalade Café in Malibu)

Beef carpaccio with arugula, parmesan, Italian dressing, and toast points.

Filet mignon tacos with rice, black beans, guac, chips.

Home TV watching with M. Lo, Sue, Yank.

Three Bud Lights.

2006 July 15

Edy's lime bar
Two slices Marmite toast
Peanut butter, honey, and cherry preserves on wheat toast
Orange juice
Mr. P's brand frozen pizza
Golden Cola Champagne
Edy's lime bar

2006 July 14

Westway Diner Mexican omelette with home fries, sausages, orange juice, and coffee
52oz Lemon Lime Gatorade
Two slices of sausage pizza, two slices of cheese pizza
A few cups of Sprite
Two slices of cheese pizza

Padrick's - Two cups of Honey Moon, Three and a half Pabst Blue Ribbon beers
From Rowena's - Luscious Lemon baby rose cake, Wonderful Almond tea cake, Island Kissed key lime tea cake, all served with Rowena's key lime curd

Doc Holliday's - 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
Sophie's - cup of McSorley's, two more cups of beer
Blue & Gold 79 - two (?) cups of Blue & Gold lager

New York!

Red eye from LAX to JFK, 11pm-7am:
2 glasses white wine

Jost's New York, noon:
2 sips of a fruit and berry smoothie made by Jost. The main ingredient in this fruit and berry smoothie was, of course, chocolate ice cream.

Ferry to Staten Island, 1pm:
Tall boy of bud light

Josts' Staten Island, 1:30-3pm:
Chips and guacamole
1 chocolate donette
1 bud light
2 margaritas?
Some viognier spritzer
Some viognier

Then I passed out from about 3pm to 9pm, missing the entirety of the BBQ. I awoke to find myself wearing what I think was Jost's Dad's shirt.

Ferry to Manhattan, 9:30pm:
Tall boy of bud light (She's back!)

Strach, did you change out of a huge man's short-sleeved button-up before going out on the town? No, I did not.

Stoned Crow, night:
Some cheese pizza
2 glasses white wine

Blue and Gold, late night:
I don't remember how I got here or what happened, but I assume I had some beers at some point? I am told I returned home at 5am.

New York!


Grilled cheese sandwich (muenster and asiago on sourdough)
Snapple Peach Iced Tea

Lay's potato chips
Another piece of sourdough

Taylor's Steakhouse
Two pieces of bread with butter
Clam chowder
Bacon-wrapped filet mignon with mushroom sauce
Creamed spinach
Mashed potatoes

July the Fifteenth

2 slices of cracked wheat toast, with chunky peanut butter and honey
3 cups coffee

2 coffee mugs full of Adobo Black Bean soup
1 ham and spinach sandwich on cracked wheat bread, with whole grain mustard

1 Wolaver's IPA, while reading Lifeboat: A History of Courage, Craveness, and Survival at Sea, by that mage of Sever Hall, John Stilgoe.

This reading/drinking was punctuated by my occasionally checking up on the chickpeas I was simmering (having soaked them all day, obvs). When these were done I made some hummus.
The recipe that I have for hummus suggests "shelling" the chickpeas after you cook them, but the incredible tedium of that labor is always too much for me, so I just plop the whole lot into the blender. Add some of the reserved cooking liquid, juice from 1.5 lemons, 2 cloves garlic, and .5cup of tahini, and you're ready to blend.

Once finished, I began eating hummus, garnished with sweet paprika and olive oil, with some tuscan bread. Delish!

I was pretty full after this whole business, and watched some Antiques Roadshow: Tampa. Why is Mark L. Walberg the host of that show?

But I soon decided that I ought to eat a real dinner, so made lemon broccoli pasta, and ate that with some white wine.

Later, at Harris Grille:
1 16oz Arrogant Bastard
1 16oz. Bell's Oberon
1 16oz. Miller Lite

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oops I Haven't Posted in a Week

Asiago cheese

Ann's House
1 Pyramid Apricot
1 Budweiser
1 Sierra Nevada
1 Level One vodka and soda
Two ribs
Brat on a roll
Pasta salad
Caprese salad
Chocolate cake

Joe F's House
Strawberry margarita

1 glass, magnetized Bear's Lair Cabernet Sauvignon
2 glasses, unmagnetized Bear's Lair Cabernet Sauvignon

MCW, 7/14/06

One Nature Valley Yogurt Bar (Vanilla)

I tried a new kind of Nature Valley bar today (yesterday). There are several lines of Nature Valley products and I like more or less all of them. These ones are butt-wipe-flavored, though. They are patterned after the sweet and salty bars, but they are more “light” which means they fall apart very easily. Also, I found the “yogurt” component to taste like neither yogurt nor vanilla. Instead it tasted like a horrible chemical. The multi-pack at work contains strawberry and blueberry varieties, but I will not be trying them any time soon! If you are interested in trying Nature Valley bars and are looking for a recommendation, try the Sweet and Salty peanut flavor bar. They are the best. In conclusion, I would like someday to visit Nature Valley.

Lunch (Commissary)
Daily value special – one half Roti chicken with chili-pepper glaze, mashed potatoes, and green beans.



Diet Pepsi

Starbucks low-fat latte with hazelnut. (The Way I see It # 138, plant biologist Mark Olson)

One Dreyer’s Fruit Bar (Strawberry)

Dinner (Spark’s Woodfire Grill)

Chicken sandwich with cheese, pancetta, and tomatoes on brioche roll with French fries.

This place is bad and is basically a TGI Friday’s with a more limited menu, but they give very flowery descriptions of their food. The “brioche roll” was the most normal roll in the history of the world. I like pancetta though.

Evening Wine/Magnet party at SC’s

One half-glass of red wine, magnetized
One half-glass of red wine, unmagnetized
Three Bud Lights.
Two chocolate covered espresso beans.
A waffle/caramel cookie from the Netherlands that Liz and Jeff brought.

The BevWizard

In this LA Times article, I learned about a device that uses a high-powered magnetic field to improve the taste of wine by messing with the tannins. This supposedly smooths out young wines.

Last night I hosted a double-blind tasting. Results were inconclusive. Doogs, Warbs, and MLo all preferred magnetized wine. Others could tell no difference. Others noticed a difference but expressed no preference. The experiment was flawed because it quickly fell apart into drinking wine and then drinking gin and bourbon and Jameson and beer. As a result I can't remember what I thought myself about whether the wine's taste was improved. I do remember we put beer through the BevWizard (no effect).

Friday the Fourteenth of July

raisin bran with blueberries and skim milk
2.5 cups coffee

1 hamburger
This was at a place called the Steel City Diner. The burger was fine, but the dining experience was horrible for the following reasons:
1. I wanted Indian food
2. It somehow took 45 minutes to cook a couple of hamburgers
3. They didnt serve tap water and thus I had to buy a bottle of water
It was insanely hot inside.

1 bottle Rolling Rock
1 bottle Miller Lite
1 jack and soda

leftover beans and rice

1 plum

Friday, July 14, 2006

MCW, 7/13/06


One Nature Valley granola bar (Pecan crunch)

Lunch (California Pizza Kitchen)

Sausage and pepper penne

So we went to CPK today (yesterday) and this usually pisses people off because their food is poo-tasting. But we go there on days when we have a table read because the PA’s can get the order in late and the food will still be ready. The other reason this is bad is that we often stay late on table read days, and when we stay late we always order pizza for dinner. So the exact last thing you would want for lunch is PIZZA!!! C’mon guys.


2 diet cherry cokes

One Starbuck’s latte with hazelnut (The Way I see it #140, Jay McInerney)

A piece of dried mango


Four little slices of CPK pepperoni pizza.

CPK pizza always tastes a little like cherry flavor to me, but I have never had another person second me on this. Maybe it’s just their pepperoni pizza? Anyway, California makes bad pizza. We’re too busy chillin’ out!

Evening movie watching

Two glasses of red wine.


Trader Joe's Vanilla Granola with blueberries
I forget who recommended this to me - Conrad? Whoever, I owe you a solid.

Lunch - Buco di Beppi spread
1 piece of plain pizza
part of a sausage
3 green beans
some mashed potatoes
some pasta

Mini M&Ms

Cocktail Hour
Knob Creek bourbon over ice
MMW, never do I miss you more than during cocktail hour. If you were here this could really get some roots as a tradition.

2 pieces leftover Hawaiian pizza from Rocco's

Fruit Punch Gatorade

Thursday, ZK


1 gala apple.

Turkey sandwich, 1 1/2 chocolate chip cookies, OJ, chocolate milk, oyster crackers.

3 ritz crackers in the Harvard Club.
3 more ritz crackers.

1 gala apple. (MMW, these are all they have in my cafeteria.)

Chips and salsa. Chocolate milk.
Leftover chicken from La Mirabelle, and some penne w/ tomato sauce and arugula made by Xtina. OJ.

Some fudge.

Coors Light tallboy. 2 heineken lights. A bite of old bread. A few more chips.

2006 July 13

Half a sausage egg and cheese sandwich
Home fries
23.5oz AriZona GTGH

Two Peanut Butters & Jelly with Welch's strawberry spread, Xtra Chunky Skippy on Wonder's new Whole Grain white bread
Two cups of milk
Cup of Fruit Punch Gatorade
Xtreme Gulp (52oz) Lemon Lime Gatorade
Another PBJ

White wine
Vodka tonic
White wine
Two Red Stripes
Brooklyn Lager

Half King
Bud Light

Two Pabst Blue Ribbon beers

Half a Bud Light

I cannot lie, Wonder's whole grain white drew some negative reviews from certain of my co-workers, although I found it quite satisfactory. I am not sure whether they were simply feeling averse to the New or whether there were actual problems of taste or texture for them. I quite enjoyed, myself, and might well purchase it again.

Also, Food Friend Murbles - remember the sculpture that we joked was a zombie trap? I have done some research. The work is entitled "Zombie Trap." My appreciation of it has increased tenfold, although your criticisms of its conception are still quite justified. Although, perhaps the sculpture was meant to present a poorly conceived zombie trap? By an amateur zombie hunter without your familiarity with the zombie mind?

Thursday the Thirteenth of July

Breakfast, feeling urpy:
3 cups coffee
1 bowl raisin bran with blueberries, skim milk

1 earl grey tea

terrible Chinese buffet:
white rice
cashew chicken
teeny bit of vegetable lo mein
general tso's chicken

The Chinese Restaurant was a mere 4 doors down from a pornography retailer. You'd think this would improve the food a bit. Ha!

Drink at Asiago:
1 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Dinner at home:
black beans and rice, with diced carrots & celery, and a can of chopped tomatoes
served with hot sauces

at Shady Grove:
1 Red Hook IPA

Cijl: Wednesday 2, aka Thursday

Yesterday's Fox Commissary fruit plate (I should take a photo of these or something. In my mind, the Fox fruit plate best embodies the abundance that makes Southern California such a weirdly discomforting paradise. I can get a plastic clamshell container groaning with fresh ripe apple, grapefruit, orange, banana, grape, melon, pineapple and berry every single day of the year. For FREE. The fruit I've thrown away in my 3 years as a Fox employee -- I don't eat the melons or strawberries -- would make for the most extravagant feast your random third world loser has ever seen.)

1 handful Blue Diamond Bold almonds, wasabi and soy sauce flavor
1 handful Blue Diamond Bold almonds, Maui onion and garlic flavor
Dried mango
Some honey dijon Kettle chips
Carrot juice
1 bite of a Quaker honey nut granola bar
Some Tostitos Scoops! with Tostitos salsa

California Pizza Kitchen tricolore salad pizza (Here in California we have these kitchens, you see, that make pizza. We're pretty proud of them. Whenever we pass by one we look in the window and give them a little "rock on!" gesture. Then we playfully growl at each other, because the state symbol is a bear. Also, my salad pizza was bad.)

Kimchi Chigae (spicy soup)
Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet, breaded with Panko), smeared with sambal

Rosewater Saffron ice cream (Mashti's makes 4 kinds of rosewater ice cream. They are totally fine.)

3 L water

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hey, Conrad. What's up? Anyways, you asked about participating in the in-house Food Questionnaire program. Sounds good. Let's do it. See below for the FQ - just copy and paste into a new post, and we are "good to go." Cool. Call me with questions. - Jack


What did you eat in Japan?!?

Wednesday, ZK


Grilled chicken, broccoli, lettuce, white roll w/olive oil, chocolate chip cookie x 1 1/2, chocolate milk, oyster crackers, OJ.

@ La Mirabelle
Cesar Salad
2 glasses of white wine, I forget the name
Herb crusted lamb chops w/ garlic sauce and broccoli, and some of Xtina's chicken w/ mushroom sauce.
Molten Chocolate Cake w/white and dark chocolate sauce.
(I asked the waitress there who sings if she would sing for my parents' anniversary, and they were very pleased. I can understand why it is Mattpod's Grandma's favorite restaurant.)

A little bit of fudge.

MCW, 7/12/06


Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Bar (Almond)

Lunch (Versailles)

Lechon Asado - Roast pork in mojo criollo sauce, rice, black beans, plantains.

Versailles is a Cuban restaurant that is HQ’ed in Miami. Pretty garlic-y but it’s all very good. It’s possible I was one of the garlic dudes Cijl mentioned below.


Diet Cherry Coke

Large Starbucks cappuccino

Dinner (Versailles)

Bistec Picado - Steak strips in bell peppers and olive oil, rice, black beans, plantains.

Evening TV at SC’s

Two Bellinis.

One glass of Italian orange soda.

For This Reporter, Food is a PROBLEM

Food Questionnaire

When was the last time you ate an entire, full-size candy bar? What kind of candy bar was it?

If M&M's don't count, which they shouldn't, I probably ate a Hershey's Cookies and Creme bar two weeks ago at some point. (I could look this up.)

What is a food you ate all the time as a kid, but which now disgusts you?

There was a long period of my life (at least 5 or 6 years) when I ate only the following: pancakes, sometimes waffles, gingerbread, spare-ribs, a sandwich made of whole-wheat bread w/ butter and cinammon sugar between the bread, cheez-its, and sweets.

That whole-wheat/butter/cinammon sugar sandwich thing really sounds gross to me because of all the butter in it and how it would make it soggy. However, if you made that sandwich open faced, decreased the butter content, and toasted it, I bet it would be pretty good and sort of normal.

Also, my Mom spent an entire summer of my childhood trying to make me eat peanut-butter on whole wheat bread so I would be able to eat peanut-butter as a first step towards being normal. I hated it and would throw it up every night. Then at the end of the summer my Mom admitted that she hates peanut-butter also. Anyway, that was a gross way to live.

What is a recent food impulse buy which you regretted? Which you were delighted by?

This is a hard question for me because I don't think I've ever had a food impulse buy. Pass.

What was the most satisfying meal you ever prepared for yourself and ate while totally drunk?

I poured olive oil on a dish and dipped pita bread in it. This is also the most elaborate dish I have ever prepared for myself. Except maybe dipping chicken fingers in ketchup. That is also very good when drunk or hungover.

If you had to have one of the FoodFriends design your diet for a week, whom would you select?

Mattpod, because he designs my diet many weeks anyways and he knows that it is not a reflection on his cooking when I don't eat something. Although, maybe I'll say Conrad, just to cut Mattpod down a few hundred notches.

What are the shows you watch the most on Food Network? What are your thoughts on Rachael Ray.

I hate watching any shows about food. I hate thinking about foods that I don't eat. I hate the song "Peaches" by P.O.T. and I hate the line in "The Joker" where he talks about peaches because I don't like to think about peaches because I don't eat them. One time in first grade I saw a girl eating a salad near me and I threw up on my desk.

What food staple would it be most difficult for you remove from your diet?


If I told you that you could only eat one of the following for the rest of your life, but you could always get whatever you chose as fresh and as good as possible, which would you choose? Also, assume that whichever you chose would be seedless: (1) Oranges (2) Clementines (3) Tangerines

I've only had clementines, but I like them a lot.

When and how did you learn to cook?

Haven't. I hope to someday because it seems very satisfying. The thing I am best at is drinking beer and eating chips while other people cook. That is pretty satisfying also.

A quirk of fate leaves you in each of the following cities for long enough to have only one meal. What/where do you eat? Boston, Cambridge, New York, LA.

Boston: I would get a sandwich near where my Dad used to work, just so I could hear him order a "Half-Dennis" sandwich. His name is Dennis.

Cambridge: Grilled chicken sandwich w/ fries at Charley's Kitchen or Grilled chicken sandwich w/ chips at Grendel's Den.

New York: Pizza and Ecstasy at Totonno's.

LA: La Serenata de Garibaldi on Pico Blvd.

Name a fruit, meat, soda, and candy you despise.

I have only tried five fruits and they were all fine. I don't like any meat that is stuffed with anything (look here: for an example of what I'm talking about.) I don't like any soda or carbonated drinks (w/ the exception of beer). I prefer the taste of straight alcohol to alcohol mixed with soda. I don't like fruit candies or candy w/ peanut butter. Also, fuck hazelnut.

I have a teleporter, and can send you anywhere in the world for dinner. Where will you go, what will you have?

I would go to a different galaxy where there is life and see what matter is composed of there, as a way of putting our own existence in perspective. I would do a lot of experiments. Then I would go to Florence and get some pesto/olive oil sciatina from this bakery I used to go to. That would be my dinner rolls. Then I would probably bum around there for a while.

Do you have any well-loved or detested cookbooks?

Jewish Cooking in America, edited by Joan Nathan features my Grandmother's famous recipe for blintzes.

Name a food that evokes a strong memory of a particular time and place in your life.

Shish Kabob reminds me of a sexy belly dancer I saw in Epcot Center when I was 10.

What is your relationship to caffeine?

I have had 3 dates with coffee which went as follows:

1. I drank it one time freshman year to stay awake for a paper. I got something strong from Toscanini's and it gave me a headache and I had to lie down and couldn't write the paper.

2. When I was in Capri in Italy I had coffee at a hostel really early in the morning after swimming in the Blue Grotto. That was a very pleasant experience.

3. On Valentine's Day senior year I was very tired but had a two hour tutorial coming up after lunch, so I had a cup of coffee at Charley's Kitchen. It made me so wired that I talked all through the tutorial and at one point argued to Amitav Ghosh that slavery wasn't that bad. It turned out I was tired because I had mono.

I'll drink tea though. Tea is fine.

What is the best burger you've ever had?

I had a good burger at Mattpod's Superbowl party two years ago. A lot of people there were weirdly anti-burger and anti-superbowl. That made the burger even better.

I have a food replicator from Star Trek Next Generation, what do you order and how do you order it?

I would order baby back ribs from The Chatham Squire circa 1993. They have since changed chefs and recipes, and now they are not very good, but they used to be my favorite food. They were lean and the sauce was delicious. I would eat two racks of ribs in 10 minutes. After my first summer at camp (I had only eaten gingerbread and cheez-its for three weeks) I had two racks of ribs and a frappe and threw up in front of a dentist's office on rte. 28 in Chatham.

Which comic book character would you most like to cook a meal for you? For which comic book character would you most like to cook a meal?

a.) Veronica. I am getting a boner thinking about this.

b.) Betty. Ooh there would be sparks flying!

Are there any foods that would receive an f- grade from you?

While I have a very limited diet, I actually like almost all foods I try. I just have a psychological block that prevents me from trying new foods, mostly because I think of them as a different category of matter than things that I eat. I rate foods on their texture, which is characteristic of premature babies, which I was not, but which runs in my family.

Anyway, the worst tasting food is the chemical from my acid-reflux pill when I actually have acid-reflux just after taking my pill and I have to taste that chemical. It's like metal or battery acid.

Based on what you've read of the diets of each food reporter, which food reporter would you eat?

I would eat MMW because I'm imagining he would still be alive but laid out on a table with his stomach open and his head would still be sassing me while I was eating him.

Along the lines of "Salt," "Cod," and "History of the World In Six Glasses," what foodstuff would you most like to read a book about?

Astronaut Ice-Cream.

In my family we often took to calling Ramen Noodles "Trash Noodles." Do you have any cute food nicknames?

My Dad sometimes calls pancakes: "Panceckas."

Is there any food you are embarrassed about how much you like it?

No. Maybe Yoohoo. But not really.

Describe a work of art that inspired or affected your eating.

In All of a Kind Family, which is a series of children's books about a poor family in the early 1900s, there is one chapter in one of the books in which they get a gift of some butter, and they make toast, but the oven is so bad that the toast is all burnt, but they still think it's the best food they ever had because they put the butter on it.

That passage has made me never want to be poor.

What was your favorite meal in the dining halls of our fair college? How much would you pay to eat this meal tonight? To eat this meal, would you be willing to travel to Staten Island/Encino/a smelly cave in a swamp?

My favorite meal was the turkey dinner, and my favorite dessert was chocolate chip cookies mixed in with vanilla frozen yogurt. I would travel to Staten Island to eat this, but only if I could order 'Hitch' on Jost's parent's pay-per-view again.

What are your favorite beers? What are your favorite wines? What are your favorite liquors? What are your favorite cocktails? Do you feel that you have a signature drink? If a FoodFriend ever had to order a drink for you while you were in the restroom, what drink should they order?

Beer: Bass, Saranac Black and Tan, Heineken, Brooklyn Lager

Red Wine: House

White Wine: House

Liquor: Whiskey.

Cocktail: Jager shot.

My signature drink is a Bee's Knees. I make this at almost every party. If I am in the restroom, ask the bartender for a 'Widow's Peak' and see what they give you.

If you are a smoker, how does smoking affect your meals? Do you eat less? If you finish what you consider a very good dinner, how important is a post-prandial cigarette to you?

I do not smoke, but I think smoking looks pretty cool.

What is the most expensive food you have ever eaten?

I guess it's not so unbelievably expensive, but I had a steak at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain that was like 45 dollars.

Have you ever eaten food or consumed a beverage while making love?

I drink 8-10 glasses of warm milk while making love.

Last question: What is your favorite food?

Frappe. Either black & white or oreo, depending on where it's from.

Cijl: Wednesday


A handful of honey dijon Kettle chips
A bowl of Limited Edition Life cereal with Superman shields (One disappointing thing about this cereal is that on the box there are many photos of Superman, and many photos of the Quaker oats man, but at no point are they interacting with their arms around each other, suggesting to the consumer that together they form the ultimate team.)

Pan con lechon sandwich (This is a sandwich made a flimsy roll crammed with roasted pork and two slices of tomato.)
Moro (A kind of rice and beans where the rice and beans are cooked together.)
Garlic sauce (You can always tell it's a Versailles day because at about 1 the whole bungalow smells like garlic, then at about 2 all the people smell like garlic, then at about 3 everyone looks really tired.)

1/6 of a Skor candy bar
Carrot juice
A few pieces of dried mango


2 pieces of Damiano's pepperoni and sausage pizza with sambal on them (Damiano's pizza is pretty good but it's really expensive and the people on the phone often try to talk you out of ordering by saying things like, "I don't know man, it's gonna take a reeeaally long time." And then it doesn't take that long.)
1 bowl of Yookhejang (A spicy broth with shredded pieces of beef and green onion.)
3 Korean buckwheat pancakes with soy sauce

about 2.5 L of water

7.12.06 - Grandma Dinner

Oxford Cafe
Pizza Deal

1 glass Pinot Noir
Cold asparagus soup with creme fraiche, caviar, fingerling potatoes -- This was awesome. Plus I got to feel pretty great eating some caviar.
Squab with duck liver risotto, crispy artichokes, parmesan
Bites of grandma's steak -- It was very comical to see my grandmother (think Dr. Ruth but skinnier) sitting in front of one of the biggest steaks I have ever seen. Not to ruin the surprise, but I am going to eat the rest of this steak for lunch.
Pound cake bread pudding, caramelized bananas, coconut ice cream

Dinner was great, with the exception of desert which was pretty mediocre.

2006 July 12

Grand Sichuan
Shredded pork with sprouts and eggplant in garlic sauce
Vegetable fried rice
Hot and sour soup
Egg roll

23.5oz Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey
Two chocolate chip cookies
Entenmann's Ultimate Chocolate Lover donut

Bite Me Best - one slice buffalo chicken pizza, two slices lasagna pizza
Golden cola champagne
Orange juice

the Twelfth of July

3 cups coffee
raisin bran with blueberries and skim milk

Tavern ham and spinach with whole grain mustard on cracked wheat bread
1 pink lady apple

1 Wolaver's IPA
1 spinach salad with homemade dressing
leftover pasta from 11 VII
1.5 glasses of wine

at William Penn Tavern:
3 ESBs (20oz)
1 12oz ESB
2 12oz Yuenglings

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

6SDC - The Communist Dinner

I feel that it's common decency for a guest at 6SDC to relay the menu. However, SC had the uncommon decency to provide delicously flavored vodka shots after every two courses which means my memory is not so good.

I remember:
-Caviar on crisp bread
-Some delicious Thai summer rolls with a perfectly spicy peanut sauce
-A shrimp and rice dish of which I ate no fewer than three servings
-A fish soup (Russian) that is rivaled only by SC's African fish stew
-An elegant salad with pineapple
-Another delicious fish dish
-A campari cocktail ala Danger
-A cocktail I invented called "Blood of the Bourgeois" (name hattip: Danger, myself, Felix Dzerzhinsky)
-Ice cream with one of two toppings, and I remember being excited in the manner of a small child that I got one of the ice creams with M&M topping

SC, please forgive me and report anything I missed.

SC's yesterday

Coffee from Black Dog
Breakfast burrito from the Wilshire cart (this was gross, so I abandoned it)
1/2 Peanut Butter PowerBar

Lunch - Prado
My lunch situation is similar to Warbs, except we don't work on the lot, so there's no commissary. And people would raise eyebrows if I ordered two lunches. If I hate what we're getting, I can go to Baja Fresh or Koo Koo Roo or Johnnie's Pizza, but this is very rare.
Papaya chicken (terrific!)
Jamaican tamales (so good! sweet and corny, the way I like 'em)
Rice and black beans

Cocktail Hour
No cocktails
8 pieces of Tillamook sharp cheddar on multi-grain Wheat Thins

Omitted. I half-heartedly imagined I might find food at Spaceland, but I wasn't too hungry.

The Sword @ Spaceland
2 mugs of PBR

Tuesday for the Z-man

Grilled chicken, lettuce, broccoli, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate milk, OJ, oyster crackers, white roll w/ olive oil.

Fun size milky way and milky way dark, 3 little cookies and two candies all apparently from some kind of coffee-type gift basket, meaning that everything chocolate also tasted like coffee, about which I was not pleased.

1 gala apple.

1 corona (the beer of tough ladies).

Some bar pretzels.
1 2/3 Bass Ales.
1 1/2 slices of cheese pizza.



Lunch from unknown caterer:
Wrap with chicken, cheese, bean sprouts, some greens
Pasta salad
Rugelach, mini halfmoon cookie

Thailand Cafe (Delivery)
1 of John's steamed dumplings
Chicken pad see ew -- I thought this was really pretty good. Walt was not happy with his pad thai though, and I don't blame him, it looked pretty bland.

The Eleventh of July

raisin bran with blueberries, skim milk
3 cups coffee

Midmorning snack:
about 15 cherries

PB&J -- chunky, strawberry, on cracked wheat bread
1 pink lady apple

small amount of leftover pasta from 10 VII
rotelle with homemade tomato sauce and parmesean cheese
I received a phone call while the rotelle was boiling. I drained it and put it back in the pot, with a cover on. It still got kind of sticky after the phone call, but some olive oil did the trick.

2 turkish figs

MCW, 7/11/06

Cijl, all you missed was some crappy food from Kay and Dave's!


One Nature Valley granola bar (Pecan Crunch)

Lunch (Fox Commissary)

Spinach, artichoke, and boursin cheese stuffed chicken breast with ricotta ravioli and cream sauce.

This item was today's "Daily Value Special" on the Fox Commissary menu. No one knows what the DVS is all about because the food is just as expensive as the normal commissary food (in this case something like 16 bucks) and is not really a "value" by any normal standard. Maybe it's like "design within reach" where they don't mean that the items are cheap, just that they are a good bargain considering the quality of what you get. Anyway, this was an excellent DVS.


One diet cherry Coke
One Starbucks cappuccino (Large)

Dinner (Kay and Dave’s)

Plato de Carnitas (carnitas, Spanish rice, pinto beans, black beans, guacamole)
Some chips.

Kay and Dave’s is one of our crappier Mexican places at work. I feel like they bill themselves as being healthy, but I don’t see it. The most interesting thing about them, is that the food comes in metal containers that are (for some reason) 100% microwavable.

Evening movie watching time

A few sips of Shiraz until...

“The Swords” Concert at Spaceland

One mug of PBR
One Bud Light

Cijl: Tuesday

1 heaping bowl of Smart Start Healthy Heart Maple Brown Sugar
1 glass OJ

ZUMA BEACH (I called in sick, don't tell anyone Warbs)
1 sandwich: roast beef and horseradish on whole wheat

2 pieces of fried chicken, spicy
Red beans and rice

1 Fat Tire

French fries with garlic aioli

Lots of water
Homemade beef jerky